Hashtag badge

Normally hastags look like that:

But now I have seen a post where they looked like that:
much prettier ;)

Can someone tell me, how I can make my hashtags look like that ?
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Ah ok, cool, now I know what I have to do tomorrow. Thank you @Seth Martin
Seth Martin
I'm sorry, it was when I updated my hub running development code.
I have switched my server branch to dev and I have found out how to add these blue tag badges.
I think this function is also available in the master branch, I have probably only overlooked it.
Nevertheless this feature does not work correctly, that why I have opened an  issue on GitHub.

Is there a place to see the entire tag list?

Is there a way to enlarge the number of tags that are visible in the side column?

giac hellvecio
I added an important comment here https://github.com/redmatrix/hubzilla/issues/629
giac hellvecio
I definitely can not trust in this hub (cats.pm), I created a new test channel , I 'allow others to tag your posts' but I can not see the 'add tag' button in this new channel, lately I created 2 new channels here  and now I see, in all the 2 I do not have the 'add tag' button but i 'allow others to tag your posts' in the 2... it is not useful to test in this hub..argh
giac hellvecio
in all the other channels that  i have here (old and clones) I have the 'add tag' button, just to clarify, if JRandal wants to do a test with a new channel.