organizing groups

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Someone every tryied to use hubzilla to organize groups?
If yes until which size. Would love to hear your comments on the experience you've made with #hubzilla when it comes to organisation of groups.
I think that feature is not done yet. Today each member in a hub could organised their relation in group. But the admin is not able to group members in groups and give them different permission. I this we already speak about that feature but I am not sure if ti will be done or not
Andrew Manning
While I do not have personal experience organizing groups using Hubzilla, there are several features that support organizing groups. Posts and comments for discussing topics and questions, Wikis for developing ideas and collaborating, Events for planning events and syncing calendars, Files for storing and sharing documents and media, Webpages for hosting organization web content that can also be identity-aware for access control. There are plugins like Rendezvous that allow people to share their locations and points of interest on a common map.

And don't forget, one of the unique core strengths of Hubzilla is nomadic identity. If you outgrow your hub, Hubzilla makes it less painful to migrate by allowing members to clone their channels to a new hub where data will sync, which allows you to gracefully shut down the original hub if necessary without losing all the connections and access control you had created.

I may be misunderstanding what group permissions you are talking about, @kris , but there are Service Classes that allow the admin to configure different groups of hub members, but this is mostly to limit resource usage by individual channels.