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Juste a remark about ergonomy.

If you are not connected and as a visitor you clic on a link of a channel


You arrived at the page of the channel. It is nice. It is like a blog. But there is no link to see the profile page. Each one must add a menu and on the menu a link on profile page to see a page about. What is this channel etc...

Just a suggestion to add always a link to leat at the profile page. I don't know how. Personnaly, I wanted to click on the profile picture and wanted to arrived at the profile page. But it would be nice to add a link below the photo. I see the name have no link.

What do you think about that ? I would like to have others ideas ? Please be sometimes simple users who discover hubzilla for the first time. Try to be empathetic.
Maria Karlsen
I agree @kris . I used my profile to provide a visible link to my profil page, like this:
(Edited profile) Homepage: My Hubzilla channel:
Profile page:
It's a workaround but..well it works. erroneously as open hub declared
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Her is "Registration Policy" for open. Is it a bug in Hubzilla code or a bug in installation?

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@Andrew Manning Is it correct, that each hub member can generate one invitation code for
Andrew Manning
At the moment I'm not sure. I don't think so. Looking through the code shows that there is support for member-generated invitations, limited by some number set in the service classes, but this does not appear to be fully implemented. Or maybe I'm just not connecting the dots properly.

You're a member on right? Try to generate one at
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I'm member on And I get this message
You have no more invitations available
if I run . I mean, that hint
you can request from either from an existing hub member
here is misleading :-|.
guesttoken mention tag

neue medienordnung plus
If I use mention character, hubzilla offer me in the list after @ character one valide guesttoken name. So:


But if I choose this guesttoken value as mention tag, then make hubzilla this mention tag not to one link. Is it desired behavior of hubzilla, that hubzilla offer me in the list after @ character one guesttoken name? What can I do with guesttoken mention? One guesttoken holder have no email in hubzilla context and cann't notify about mention event.

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Mario Vavti
This is most probably a bug...
neue medienordnung plus
You mean, I can create one bugreport, correct?
Mike Macgirvin
You could always just fix it...
Anmol Sharma
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I am unable get live stream from the diaspora network. How can I debug?
Anmol Sharma
I still can not receive the public posts from the Diaspora network.I am going to add some Mastodon and Friendica channels to test federation.Meanwhile, how can further debug the Diaspora live stream issue. I am on Nginx.
Mike Macgirvin
Are your Diaspora sites using Jason Robinson's relay server? We will accept Diaspora public posts and send any we receive to your /pubstream page - if you have the public stream enabled on your site.

I do not have the public stream enabled on my site, so I can only provide minimal assistance debugging any issues with it.  You can turn up the log level to the 'data' level and see if Diaspora is sending you stuff and it is getting dropped. I am following some tags on one of my test sites and the tag traffic is pretty low - for the #diaspora tag we only see a couple of posts every few days and I know you can find much more than that on You could ask Jason if there's a problem with the config. There was a problem several months ago with an empty tag set but I believe it was fixed. I can't find the relay server documentation any more so I can't really verify if I'm doing the public stream config correctly. We may need to change the tag scope.
Anmol Sharma
After enabling pubic stream, I can have all the public streams streams from federation.
Export to RSS

Markus Kollotzek
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Is it possible to export a channel's posts to RSS?
I would like to read the top 5 items from
and display them in an RSS-Widget on my Wordpress site.

Or do you have any other suggestions on how to implement such thing? Thanks and greetings!

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h.ear.t | tobias
@Mike Macgirvin
My cse might be a bit more complicated. I am trying to reproduce this.
Hubzilla has so many feature that even creators and developpers forget all hidden  possibilities :)
h.ear.t | tobias
OK, I believe I h<ve done too much chross browser testing yesterday evening, today I am not able to replicate that issue I mentioned yesterday. If I do find something again, I will file a bug. Obivously that browser still had an authenticated cookie lying around somether in it's cache.
Sorry for the disturbance!
Hub-Update errors 1193 & 1191


Today I updated my Hub to the latest version, coming from 2.4.0. After git pull I got these two errors:
1193 & 1191

Do anyone has an idea what to do now?
As far as I can see the hub is running fine.


@Channel One
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
Mike Macgirvin
Your MySQL server is really old. You can globally change 'utf8mb4' to 'utf8' and get it to work.
Okay I changed the char set to 'utf8_unicode_ci', seems to work without any issue. Thanks Mike!
Mike Macgirvin
You might see issues rendering unicode emojis (*) and a few Japanese characters; and of course you'll have to watch for future upgrade failures; but the site should otherwise function normally.

(*) We typically use "icon" emojis here, but if you have any Mastodon connections they're big on unicode emojis.
Private Forum does not appear under "Forums" for users

 Underground Volcano Lair 
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

I have a private forum that I share with a two other users for a project. When the forum members are viewing their Activity stream, this forum does not appear under "Forums".  This makes the private forum slightly more difficult to use compared to a public forum, as they have to find it in contacts, or bookmark the channel in their browser.

Is this the intended behavior for private forums?
Mike Macgirvin
There is a feature request to add private forums to the forum widget. It's not easy to do because private forums aren't as easy to identify as public forums are. It can be done, it's just so far down on the priority list that I don't see it happening unless somebody in the community rolls up their sleeves and gives it a go.
Good enough answer for me.  Just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything :)
Mike Macgirvin
I had a few minutes waiting for an OS upgrade to finish and managed to squeeze this in. The caveats are that the widget link takes you to the private forum's channel page. This will seem awkward and strange at first, but will help you get in the habit of using the private forum privately.
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HZ 2.8.1 -  I noticed that the new notification boxes - which BTW I like - is not displayed in my /network of /channel pages, while, viewing a single post it appears.

(Oh, and to me it should be there even without new notifications, since it's a quick way to go back to notifications list)
Mario Vavti
You probably changed the pdl file for those sites at some point. So you either have to add the widget manualy or you reset the pdl's...
... I knew it... it's always my fault!!
SMTP mail

Andrew Manning
I'm searching through the @Hubzilla Support Forum+ and the code to learn how to use an external SMTP server for sending mail from a hub. I'm hoping this will make email notifications more reliable. My understanding so far is that

(1) you activate the PHPMailer plugin and then
(2) use the util/config utility to set the required fields

util/config phpmailer mailer "smtp"
util/config phpmailer host ""
util/config phpmailer port "25"
util/config phpmailer smtpauth 1
util/config phpmailer smtpsecure 1
util/config phpmailer username "me"
util/config phpmailer password "correcthorsebatterystaple"

After that should emails start using the PHPMailer because the "email_send" hook is called whenever the hub needs to send an email?
Mike Macgirvin
That looks about right. phpmailer has thousands of config options for some really complex situations. I just provided the generic options for 99.9% of the use cases, but the plugin can be extended pretty easily if you need to implement the really weird ones.

Incidentally I just recently notified a student here that their password has been guessed during a routine security audit. I had to laugh when I saw the password. Yup. That one.
Waitman Gobble
FYI Setting up postfix to route all outgoing email through an external SMTP server was pretty easy
Photos: Auto resize upon upload?, fullscreen view with navigating buttons?

Thanks for your helpful answers so far. And thank you for this awesome work of HubZilla! I'm quite new into HubZilla and there are are few more questions lingering around concerning photos.

1. Can images be auto-resized upon upload? I've  only seen the system.maximagesize option, but this only gives me an error message if the file is too big.

2. In the photos app I can watch the photos one by one an go to the previous and next pictures with the corresponding buttons. But the images here are relatively small, using only the middle column. Then I can click the photo and get a real-size view, but cannot go to the next photo via a button but first have to close the full-size view. And if the picture is too big, the full size view means that it doesn't fit in my monitor size and I have to scroll. So there is no real "full-screen" mode, where the picture is displayed with the maximal usable size. It that how it is or is there a way to display a album in a real "full-screen" mode with buttons availible for navigating?

#photos #auto resize #upload
Mario Vavti
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Can images be auto-resized upon upload

We do create different sizes (i think 3) of photos but also keep the original.

It that how it is or is there a way to display a album in a real "full-screen" mode with buttons availible for navigating?

This is not yet implemented. It would probably be relatively easy to implement at the album view level though...

EDIT: or possibly as a gallery plugin...
Change standard settings for new registrations

Can I change the standard settings for newly registered users besides the "additional features" like notification settings and diplayed apps. I also would like to narrow down the list of profile options when creating the first channel (to, lets say, Social network private and resitricted).
I would like to get some not-too-tech-savvy friends into hubzilla and I think narrowing down the options even more from the "Basic" tech level and preparing a enivronement that I suppose fits best their needs might help with that.
Didn't find more options in the GUI-adinistration panel. Is there a config file where the new users settings are specified?

#registration #standard user settings
Thank you for your answers. Yes, members sounds better. =)
Is there a list of all configuration options that are availible through util/config?
And yes, the opiton to preset features without locking them is great to make for a minimalistic start with the option to add more features.
Mario Vavti
Is there a list of all configuration options that are availible through util/config?

Very nice! Thank you! With system.default_permissions_role there is no need to choose a profile type at registration.
Token for channel A make accesible not public webpage from channel B

neue medienordnung plus
  last edited: Tue, 14 Nov 2017 08:59:07 +0100  
  • I created webpage WPB on channel B with [observer=1/0] protected content
  • I created Token TCA for channel A zat=tca
  • I open webpage WPB with token for channel A
  • I see protected content in webpage WPB
Hubzilla version 2.8.1

@Mike M. closed the issue , but I mean, that is one bug, that Hubzilla display protected content in webpage WPB for visitor with Token TCA, that is legal for channel A. Because I created one token for access to channel A, not to channel B.

Similar to Login on Hubs:
  • one valid Login on hub be no permission for login on hub
  • I anticipate, that one valid token for be no permission for
I mean, The actuelle behavior of token solution is a danger for channel security:
malicious user from channel can make one token TCB and get an access to token protected content on channel

Token managament is located by channel owner A. This fact suggested, that the token from channel A is valide for channel A. I mean, that one average user assume, that the tokenized access to content protected their content. What mean you? Please vote pro or contra of this statement:

Token for channel A give no permission to access to via token accessible content from channel B

#tokenmanagement #token @Hubzilla Support Forum+ @Hubzilla Development+
Steffen K9 🐙
Well, if I'm logged in I see the Loremipsum stuff and my name in the text. If I'm logged out I can only see the headline but not the content. If I put the '&zat=topsecret' at the end of the URL I can see the content but instead of my name it shows "Dear Guest/LieberGast".
Looks reasonable to me.
neue medienordnung plus
OK, is my fallacy. And for advanced serverside access control at the paragraph level need hubzilla developer such tools how AJAX with ACL Support - right?
Mike Macgirvin
And for advanced serverside access control at the paragraph level need hubzilla developer such tools how AJAX with ACL Support - right?

It needs a whole lot more than that. You're welcome to give it a go.
changing ACL for tokenized content

neue medienordnung plus
  last edited: Tue, 14 Nov 2017 08:08:26 +0100  
  • I created webpage WPB on channel B with [observer=1/0] protected content
  • WPB contains image ImA, that be accesible only for selected vistor
  • I allowed visibility for ImA for token TImA
  • but image ImA is not visible for token TImA
  •   image ImA be visible for token TImA, if I upload/include image ImA after change of ACL for image ImA
Is this beahavior a bug or a feature? I anticipate, that image ImA be visible for token TImA without new upload image ImA after allowing visibility for ImA for token TImA.

#tokenized #tokenizedcontent #protectedcontent #visibility @Hubzilla Development+ @Hubzilla Support Forum+
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Right, you need two folders, one for restricted files and one for public files.

ImageB must be under a restricted folder in Files, e.g. Restricted Files, while ImageA is in a public folder in Files, e.g Public Files.

Add the ZAT for OnlyYouAreWelcome to Restricted Files.

Add the ZAT-link to ImageB to the webpage.

I may have got this wrong.
neue medienordnung plus
I assume, that with your solution I must all webpages, where include Restricted Objects also declare to Restricted Webpages. Otherwise see other authenticated user without access to image logo.png this message:

Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Well, as described just those with the ZAT-link are allowed in, but you can add other people to the Restricted Files folder. I am going to a meeting now, so good luck! :-)
Error deleting a photo from /photos/user

Simply deleting a picture I get this:
Warning: Illegal string offset 'uid' in /home/hubjive/ on line 1409

Warning: Illegal string offset 'uid' in /home/hubjive/ on line 1411

Warning: Illegal string offset 'folder' in /home/hubjive/ on line 1419

Warning: Illegal string offset 'folder' in /home/hubjive/ on line 1421

Warning: Illegal string offset 'uid' in /home/hubjive/ on line 1426

Warning: Illegal string offset 'filename' in /home/hubjive/ on line 1441

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/hubjive/ in /home/hubjive/ on line 1670

HZ 2.8.1
Thanks :)
Mario Vavti
batch change permission for albums?

Is there a possibility to batch change the permissions for a photo album? I just saw the option when uploading, afterwards I would have to change the permissions manually for each picture.

@Hubzilla Support Forum+
Mario Vavti
Not in the "photos" app currently. As a workaround you can go to the "files" app and edit the permissions for the folder containing the photos. Don't forget to tick the "Include all files and sub folders" setting.
Thank you @Mario Vavti, that a quite easy workaround.
Individual Permissions: wrote and delete/ change permissions for selected visitor

neue medienordnung plus
s. screenshot below:
  • is it correct, that implement of change and delete permissions for selected visitor is possible with a few lines of code?
  • exist a fundamental concerns against implement of wrote and delete/ change - for example upload - permissions for selected visitor?
= German Edition =
Zwei Fragen habe ich zu diesem Screenshot:
  • Stelle ich es mir zu einfach vor oder sind es nur ein Paar Zeilen Code, um zusätzlich zu einem Leserecht auch "Ändern" (bspw. upload) und vollständigkeitshalber auch "Löschen" den ausgewählten Benutzern auf ausgewählte Objekte zu erlauben?
  • gibt es grundsätzliche Sicherheitsbedenken gegen die Realisierung so einer Einstellmöglichkeiten?

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ @Hubzilla Development+ @Deutschsprachige Nutzer+

baseurl in notifications emails

neue medienordnung plus
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I changed my primary hub from to I'm loggedin and post my messages from hub. But I receive in my mailclient notifications emails with links to How can I achieve, that notifications emails links to

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ #notifications #baseurl #primaryHub #mailhosting #hostingmail #mailhost
neue medienordnung plus
Also mailhost-Plugin maked visible your mailhost settings with wrong url values from old clon, correct? Is it correct, that your old clon was already eliminated, during you eliminated the old url values from your new hub?
h.ear.t | tobias
I cloned. I do not remember when exactly I changed my primary hub setting. Then I deactivated the old hub, i.e. the domain no longervconnected before it was later deleted.
neue medienordnung plus
I changed baseurl in hosting mail, but the number NNN from notification mail here is wrong. This NNN number is valide for old hub.

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ @Hubzilla Development+
Hubzilla 2.8.1 Released!

Mario Vavti
This, for once, is not a pure bugfix release. Some neat little new features have been included. Most notable is probably that notification links from network and channel notifications load via ajax now. This makes zaping through notifications easier and faster. Please also notice the bulk of diaspora addon fixes. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Rename channel app events to calendar and add nav_set_selected() to /cal
  • Load notifications links to /display via ajax if we are already in /display
  • Add location info to the navbar for remote visitors
  • Bring back tabindex to submit comments
  • Add spanish translations for context help
  • Added mode to portfolio widget

Core bugfixes
  • Fix os_syspath in DAV file put operation so that photos will scale correctly
  • Fix unicode characters in urls tripping up url regexes - github issue #901
  • Fix wiki pages not updating after creating new page
  • Fix notifications covered by cover photo on medium size screens - github issue #906
  • Fix unable to change permissions on wiki with space in name
  • Fix only show nav app link if we have a selected app
  • Fix unable to mark all messages read
  • Fix imagedata not set correctly if large photo and imagick is not installed
  • Fix issues with diaspora xchans
  • Fix profile photo issue triggered by a previous bug

  • N-S-F-W: improve the undocumented n-s-f-w author::word feature
  • Diaspora: update the import_diaspora tool for the version 2.0 account export files
  • Diaspora: fix comments are partly containing "diaspora_handle" instead of "author" - github issue #69
  • Pubcrawl: provide feature setting for downgrade_media option
  • Pubcrawl: fix issue where replies to replies did not find its parent
  • Diaspora: fix friendica likes on comments
  • Diaspora: fix private mail
  • Diaspora: fix third party deletes/retractions not propagating
  • Diaspora: likes not working - github issue #895 in core
  • Diaspora: fix comments from unknown persons not accepted if allow public comments is enabled - github issue #68
  • XMPP: fix php warning

@Hubzilla Announcements+ @Hubzilla Support Forum+
Mario Vavti
@h.ear.t | tobias no action needed. /cal is your visitors view of your /events and has been there quite a while...
h.ear.t | tobias
  last edited: Sun, 12 Nov 2017 13:11:31 +0100  
@Mario Vavti ah, ok. Then I have misunderstood that changelog entry. Did not know *that* so far.
I thought /events had been *renamed*. Sorry, I did not understand the actual change. (Tbh, I still don't but suspect it's more under the hood.).
Mike Macgirvin
/cal is your "shareable" (and read-only) calendar. /events is your personal/private (and read/write) calendar. Under the hood this help us keep bad people from doing bad things.
Ich bin dafür, dass manche Filterblasen im Hubiversum etwas transparenter werden

neue medienordnung plus
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Ich nehme an, dass mehr Transparenz - und das meine ich wörtlich - bei der Entwicklung von neuen Hubzilla-Features und bei den Änderungen in der grafischen Oberfläche dem Hubzilla-Projekt gut tun würden.

Ein Paar Hintergrundinfos: Bei mir haben die Benachrichtigungen (Notifications) einwandfrei funktioniert, solange ich bis vor wenigen Tagen mit Hubzilla Version 2.0.6 unterwegs war. Dann bekam ich einen Tipp, dass es sich lohnt, auf eine neuere Version umzusteigen, da die  2.0.6 Version Probleme bei der Kommunikation mit federierten Netzwerken hat, bspw. werden die Formatierungen falsch wiedergegeben.

Da ich einen Klon von meinem nmoplus-Account auf einem Hub mit der Version 2.8 hatte, dachte ich mir, dass es ein Klacks ist, die Version zu wechseln. Dem war es aber nicht so. Weil ich festgestellt habe, dass ich keine Benachrichtigungen auf dem Hub mit der Version 2.8 bekomme. Da ich angenommen habe, dass es nicht sein kann, dass so ein wichtiges Feature nicht funktioniert, habe ich keinen Fehlerbericht erfasst, sondern einfach über mein Problem meinen Hubmin informiert und dann nach Hilfe im @Hubzilla Support Forum+ , @Deutschsprachige Nutzer+ und im @Hubzilla Development Forum gesucht. Da auf diesen Kanälen Funkstille war, habe ich dann doch einen Bugreport erstellt , wo dann Mike M. freundlicherweise nach einer Viertelstunde mich aufgeklärt hat, wo ich jetzt nach den Notifications suchen muss.

Ich wurde gezwungen eine Menge Zeit in die Suche nach der Fehlerursache zu investieren, ich wurde gezwungen ziemlich ausführliche Fehlerberichte zu verfassen:
nur um in Erfahrung zu bringen, dass seit der Version 2.8 das Layout für de Benachrichtigungen sich geändert hat.

Obwohl die Entwickler im Kernteam scheinbar davon ausgehen, dass diese Layoutänderung angekündigt und mit der Community abgestimmt wurde - s. Kommentar von @Mario Vavti im Thread, habe ich persönlich bis jetzt immer noch keine Möglichkeit, in Erfahrung zu bringen, was denn und wann zu der Menüführung/ Notifications angekündigt wurde.

Also wenn auch zukünftig die Veröffentlichung von neuen Versionen durch derart Intransparenz gekennzeichnet wird, dann kann man ziemlich zuverlässig prognostizieren, dass die Begeisterung für Hubzilla sich in Grenzen halten wird. Genauso, dass die Anzahl der neuen Hubzilla Nutzer eher sinken statt wachsen wird. Ziemlich plakativ haben wir es diese Tage mit dem kurzen Ausflug von Holger in das Hubiversum gesehen. Und übrigens es war die Diskussion, die Holger angestossen hat, wo dann @Mario Vavti mich darauf aufmerksam machte, dass die Nachrichten aus der Hubzilla Version 2.0.6 in Diaspora und Friendica nicht so toll ankommen.

Es ist mir schade um die Zeit, die ich in diese Notifications-recherche investiert habe und die ich wirklich wie jeder von uns gar nicht im Überfluss habe. Es ist schade und aus meiner Sicht ziemlich kontraproduktiv, wenn die Zeit von @Mike Macgirvin auf die Beantwortung von Anfragen, Bearbeitung von Bugreports, die man sich wirklich sparen könnte, verbraten wird.

Ein Schritt, um für mehr Transparenz zu sorgen, wäre aus meiner Sicht zu klären, warum die von @Mario Vavti erwähnte Ankündigung für mich nicht sichtbar ist. Keine Ahnung - bin nur ich davon betroffen? Auch in diesem Fall bin ich daran interessiert, warum dies so ist. Ich habe dazu einen Bugreport erstellt.

#Intransparenz #unseengreedactivity #Bugreport908 #version28 #version206 #somaton #Filterbubble #Filterblase #Filterblasen
Beni Grind
Hey @neue medienordnung plus

Es tut mir leid, dass ich die Diskussion dazu nicht präzise gelesen habe. Meine Antwort auf eine solche Vermutung:

Die Hypothese war - irgendwas hat beim Umzug nicht geklappt. Und ich habe versucht, was denn nicht geklappt hat.

wäre eigentlich immer: "Hast du im Changelog nachgelsen, ob etwas auf dein Problem hinweist." Dort wäre das Problem dann vermutlich sofort aufgefallen.

Ich persönlich habe mir angewöhnt, Lösungen zu Problemen immer zuerst im Changelog und in den git-Commits (wie weiter oben erwähnt) zu suchen. Das hat mir schon einige Forum-Posts und lange Recherchen erspart.
h.ear.t | tobias
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@neue medienordnung plus
Nur als Hinweis, weil es dich evt aich interessieren könnte. Es gibt einen sehr coolen Service, bei dem alle Git- Meldungen sogar in einen Chan gepustet werden. Ich hab auch nicht immer den Kopf freu dafür, finde es aber schon allein als News-Rauschen sehr interessant und easy, um zu sehen, was abgeht.
Nur als Tip!
Einer von Vielen
  last edited: Sun, 12 Nov 2017 20:08:31 +0100  
Und den beiden Profis sprichst du g'rade die Fähigkeit, Kompetenz ab, für sich zu entscheiden, ob sie eine Frage beantworten oder nicht.
@neue medienordnung plus  Das ist mir nach dem Schreiben auch eingefallen.
Images in comments

neue medienordnung plus
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Why is it not enabled post images in comments?

Channel permissions category: Social - Mostly public. Hubzilla Version 2.8

#comments #ImagesInComments #Permissions @Hubzilla Support Forum+
neue medienordnung plus
@Maria Karlsen Your Image is for me not visible :-|.

Hovewer, I have now an attach button in comments forms in this public thread.
Maria Karlsen
  last edited: Sun, 12 Nov 2017 14:51:16 +0100  
@neue medienordnung plus
Where find I the permissions settings for photos?

Einstellungen => Sicherheits- und Datenschutz- Einstellungen => Kanal-Berechtigungslimits => Kann meine Datei- und Bildordner sehen

Edit: I removed my previous comment - and the included screenshot - since I had misunderstood your question.
h.ear.t | tobias
I just noticed: another channel on another hub does provide these buttons in public thread comments, but that is my own thread. Possibly there are some ACL issues going on?