Sean Tilley
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Has anyone had any luck with integrating their Hubzilla Events Calendar into a calendar app for desktop or mobile? I've been considering using my Hubzilla Calendar for scheduling, and was curious as to whether anyone had luck integrating it with Gnome's default calendar app.
Mike Macgirvin
Not the native calendar itself, but the CalDAV server has been working with anything that's CalDAV aware. We moved that back from an addon to core in dev (just a few weeks ago) to start a closer integration with the native calendar. In the meantime you can manually sync between the native calendar and external systems by import/export of the iCAL files, but the auto sync will take some more coding.
Check the integrated CalDav. Works perfectly. It's now the main calendar at home.
Sean Tilley
That's good to know! I'll have to test out the CalDAV server soon. :)
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
As I'm going around to ask about ppls opinions, finding out if there is some missunderstandings between the different aproaches happening, I'd like to share the follwing with you.

hi @cwebber
I'm not shure if I asked you already, but I would be glad to hear your opinion on zot incl. it's #nomadicidentity.

@paulfree14 My understanding is Zot does the "tied to fingerprint nomadic identity" which is pretty cool in that it's securely nomadic! But it also has this very issue we're talking about where users are tied to their keys, presently. Which means if key sizes / algos change or anything you might not have a good way to migrate. It's a tough issue though, and thinking about it is why I'm more convinced the DID route is exploring the right path
Mike Macgirvin
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What cwebber probably doesn't realise is that this now raises the bar for the entire fediverse. Everybody ties keys to identity (exactly what he accused Hubzilla of doing) and on most services they are cached forever. Diaspora, Friendica, GNU-Social, Mastodon... You can't do that anymore. This also has major repercussions and potential performance penalties for ActivityPub unless they implement a key change notification as we have. Otherwise everything will just break and communication will stop when your key changes.

[Edit: ActivityPub doesn't yet cache keys because they still haven't figured out how to use the things. And there's going to be a lot of grief if they choose to use pkcs#1 or pkcs#8 because some platforms are incapable of using one or the other and may have to disassemble the DER/ASN.1 and convert them to something they can use with their signing and verification libraries. Or they can use modulus/exponent like salmon; which will even work in Java -- but then why not also just use salmon for signing as I suggested last week? But that won't happen because Eugen wants to have his Server header field signed and what Eugen wants Eugen gets. So it will be a year before this settles and libraries implemented to do the key conversion and key revocation. What a bloody stuffup.]
thx mike. Could you may point me to a libary/document/gitlab order...or what ever where I can see more about the
"Secure keychange" which will be available tomorrow. I like to forward and translate your information in a language missing pieces like "bloody stuffup" :-p.
(some ppl react alergic)
Mike Macgirvin
I insulted Chris's project so he insulted mine. I understand that. The difference is that my project isn't trying to take over the world. Doing that puts a big red bullseye on your forehead. And especially if your project provides no new functionality over what we have today and introduces lots of new problems.

I'm just trying to make software that bloody works and does some pretty cool stuff.  

This particular "flaw" is not unique to zot, it's actually the way the entire fediverse currently works. Anyway it's fixed. Fixing it breaks federation with everybody else - because they haven't fixed it yet. Probably nobody even thinks it's a bug because it really isn't. I don't think Chris has even thought about the way RSA keys are used in the free web today and what a change of this kind means to the way all the projects work, and more especially how they work together.
How: Comments by users without any registered account?

@Hubzilla Support Forum+

I saw on some hub that I could comment a post even though I had no connection to the channel owner. If I clicked on the "comments" field I could enter some email address and name, and the comment, like you are used to it from wordpress blogs. I wonder how this can be activated? - is it hidden in some addon, or under some admin options? :-)
Raymond Monret
And it might be in the dev version only for now
Thanks Raymond for your hint where to look!
I will check if it is available in hubzilla 2.4 too, anyway I would have never found that without your help! Thank you very much! :-)
Raymond Monret
Nedankinde as they say in esperanto : it's what this forum is for 😀
Resurrecting a very old account.

Sean Tilley
 San Francisco, CA 
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Okay, awesome! It would seem that my hub is operational, though I might have a few last kinks to iron out...

Effectively, I am resurrecting an old handle and account from the dead ( As such, there are probably a lot of #Diaspora accounts that are still linked to the old copy of my channel - meaning that my old posts are cached on Diaspora pods, and new updates don't seem to be getting pulled in from my new account.

I think I've dealt with something similar when migrating from RedMatrix to Hubzilla. Is there anything that I can do to reconnect with my old contacts, and update the cached profile pages that are sitting on Diaspora pods currently?
Socialhome HQ
 from Diaspora
Welcome back! :D Here you loud and clear here, probably your profile didn't exist here yet.
Gadget Gurus
I'm not able to post from there. LastAuth server appears to be dead. !@#$
Seth Martin
LastAuth lives again! They didn't say what the issue was but the hosting facility got it back online.
Sean Tilley
 San Francisco, CA 
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

Hey Hubzillans! I'm in the process of setting my hub back up - I'm on Debian 9.0, using PHP 7.0. I have installed required dependencies, but it looks like several PHP modules are not getting picked up by the System Check page. Particularly, these modules are php-curl, php-gd, php-mbstring, php-xml, and php-zip. My guess is that these modules may have a different relative location in this version of Debian, but I cannot be certain.

I'm trying to determine why they're not getting picked up, as I have all of the dependencies in place. Has Hubzilla not yet been tried with PHP7?
Sean Tilley
Perfect, thanks!
Carolus Rex
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Can you try unplugging and then plugging the modem back in?

90% of IT is some form of rebooting.
Sean Tilley
Too true.

Well, my hub seems to be up and running now. I guess at this point I just need to tweak things - particularly, consolidate my old posts, and ensure that federation is working for Diaspora and OStatus-based networks. ;)
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ from the instance I'm using I can't communicate with ppl using OStatus or diaspora. Is that cause of missing plugins on the instance I'm using, or is this at the moment not available. Cause via friendica I'm able to communicate with all.
What is the reason for not having it in hubzilla available?
that was a very acurate answer to my question. thx.

(following is not directly related to this conversation, it just happend that this conversation thread seems to be broken for me)

I just joined with my existing channel to this instance:
For testing reasons I moved all the content I've posted with this @paulfree14 to the new instance.

I can view the conversation from libranet and from The last comment made by @Andrew Manning is unfortunalty missing at
now the comment of Andrew reached into this channel.
Might be that the comment was made while I was creating this new channel.
White page /blank page error 500 and no logging

Hi there!

I'm the admin[1] of the monhts-offline hub, which has been always a test hub... but also my personal one. However, I hosted some RSS readers for Spain creative commons media news, in order to feed the Hubzilla grid with native news channels.

The issue is that since mid April, without having upgraded the code, a blank page started to appear instead of the webapp with a silent error 500 at the headers. One of the attempts to fixed that was to git pull updates from master, and this now gives us more uncertainty.

As far as I have read, the blank page could be either from the php or the database. However, all attempts to get a clue from the logs I have made, did totally fail. If you can help me to get the logs, I will be able to advance on this issue and share the progress. I tried these approaches alone and combined:

* Uncomment last lines of `.htconfig.php` from hubzilla root, and touch with `www-data` user permissions `php.out` and `dbfail.out`. → files don't get filled
* Read my webserver's error-log for hubzilla → doesn't get any input
* Read my webserver's access-log for hubzilla → works but, of course, just access log
* Read hubzilla's configured log → No error there, but it's logging federation activity. Could share some lines if interesting
* Changed manually the database loglevel from 0 to 5, with no apparent changes. `hubzilla/config/k=loglevel → v=5`

It's significant to say that my node operates with a nginx webserver.

So, any idea? I am open too to backup everything and try to reinstall. The most important info for me is the channel list and configurations, specially the free media resposters.

Thank you any advance for any tip

[1] I didn't clone my channel to another server, so I created a new identity in
Mike Macgirvin
The issue is that since mid April, without having upgraded the code, a blank page started to appear

It's entirely possible the error is generated from outside the app, for instance an nginx or php update or configuration issue. You can put

echo "got here"; exit;

at the top of boot.php (just below '<?php') and see it's even getting to that. If not, I'd be looking at your nginx configuration. If it's executing that, cd to the hubzilla root directory and

php util/typo.php

which should catch any corrupted included files. If it doesn't get all the way through the language files (view/fr, view/es, etc.) look at the last file listed for a problem.

finally change the line in .htconfig where you setup php logging to


and perhaps even add it as the second line of index.php so it will catch and display any errors from the very beginning of execution.

One of these should give you something tangible to go on.
You should check the database tables for crashes
and check php.ini setting "disable_functions" (disable it temporarily).
Hi there!
Thank you a lot for your support. With your help I fixed that yesterday!

echo "got here"; exit;
at the top of boot.php

This worked.

If it's executing that, cd to the hubzilla root directory and
php util/typo.php
which should catch any corrupted included files.

This pointed me a missing file in hzaddons. One php file was requiring it, but was missing. So I cd'd to the hzaddond directory and figured out that I never updated it, so hubzilla and hzaddon repositories were conflicting in versions. I'm sorry I didn't think about git pulling hzaddons at the same time as hubzilla repo.

Thank you a lot for your help, again :)
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@Hubzilla Support Forum+
I would like to make channel which is publishing rss feeds. But don't know how. Can someone point me to the solution?
Mike Macgirvin
Visit your Connections page and add a new connection. Provide the URL of the feed. We'll attempt auto discovery of the feed if you supply the link to the corresponding HTML page but a lot of corporate sites stopped supporting auto discovery so if this fails, supply the feed URL. This will connect the channel to the feed but not republish it.

This next bit requires a techlevel of 3 (Advanced)  if you're on a 'pro' server. Set the techlevel (if necessary) on Settings -> Account page. On 'standard' servers this setting does not exist, but you also won't need it.

Visit Settings -> Additional Features and enable 'Channel Sources' and save.

Visit Settings -> Channel Sources and add a new source. Type in part of the name of the feed and it should auto-complete. Make any additional source settings here that you desire and save. This will republish the feed.
great thx. I works perfect. :-)

Can I also adjust how long the post are within the channel before ppl need to klick on expand? Right now I have some posts which are kind of endless.
Mike Macgirvin
That's located somewhere in Settings -> Display Settings, but I believe it should be set by default to something sane so something doesn't seem quite right.
I'm curious to know the spesific reason(s) to have for the forum just categories but no subcategories.
Andrew Manning
Haha, this is classic Mike right here, folks. If you missed this show, just stick around to watch the next innocent ten word query catalyze more improvements to our favorite Web Service Amalgam with Decentralized Access Control! And don't forget to note the timestamps!
Mike Macgirvin
Only took about 20 minutes in total, but this request landed during my first cuppa before the feeding of livestock and the morning commute. I also needed to make the query args url-safe because this was neglected earlier. And then I needed to do real work for my employer which prevented me from testing the proposed solution and making a few more tweaks before releasing it during lunch break.
amaizing! thx very much! :)
Standard or pro

@Hubzilla Support Forum+

I am checking my hub and realised that in the .htconfig.php
App::$config['system']['server_role'] = 'pro';

But on Server Configuration/Role in the admin side

I had Standard

Who is master .htconfig.php or the admin side (I imagine database side)

What is the consequence to have  pro ? I will change it to standard because I don't understand the consequence and I red that pro was dangerous
giac hellvecio
I have 2/3 channels (forums) without clones in I have  a lot of channels in  the Zot  planet, and not the time for doing all the clones. has some problems in the last times.
It seems that the admin  did not notice :(

Maybe some of you has a way to contact the

cc @Hubzilla Support Forum+
cc @JRandal

I just notice that I can write on this forum but only from that links

From my grid I am not able to read my own question.  In the past it was possible to  post directly to a forum and receive response from my own grid.

What is wrong ? Am I the only one.
Mike Macgirvin
The support forum has very slow delivery sometimes. I often don't see updates until the day after they are posted.
Hubzilla Support Forum
Oh, thx.
Outq table was marked as crashed.
Permission Roles, Permission Limits and Access Control?

@Hubzilla Support Forum+

I'm trying to understand the complex permissions in Hubzilla and just want to know if got it right. I hope you can help my clarify some things:  

1. There are two different methods to manage my privacy: permission roles and access control
2. The different permission roles define the permission limits. I can use predefined roles or edit individually any permission setting by choosing the 'exper/custom mode'.
Is there a mapping between the different permission roles and the permission settings? I.e. 'Social - mostly public' corresponds to which settings in the 'Custom/Expert mode'?
3. I can change these permissions for individuals or guest tokens, but I cannot deny permissions which are set by my permission role. I can only give more permissions to an user.
4. When there are is no access control for a published thing, the permission limits apply.
5. I.e. when I share a new item I can set the access control to this item. I can choose who can see this (public, individuals, groups)by using the lock. How is this list I can choose from restricted by my permission role?

Best regards,
Mike Macgirvin
1. There are two different methods to manage my privacy: permission roles and access control

Mostly correct. At the base level we have permission limits and access control. If you have anything in the access control list, it takes priority. If you remove everything from the access control list, the limits take priority (see #4). The 'public' selection in the ACL tool basically removes everything from the access control list. Permission roles define the defaults, but you can often over-ride these for any published thing.  So if you've got a 'mostly private' channel, you can still make something public, and if you've got a 'mostly public' channel you can still make things private by using the ACL tool. But by default the ACL tool will be preset for your preferred way of interacting.  

2. The different permission roles define the permission limits. I can use predefined roles or edit individually any permission setting by choosing the 'expert/custom mode'.

Almost. Permission roles in fact set all kinds of different things to implement the named role. Such as setting default limits, whether or not there is a default ACL (usually the Friends group), and whether or not to automatically approve connections, and what permissions to give new connections. There are technically three tables working together. Limits, the default ACL, and connect permissions. Additionally there are obscure settings such as 'auto-approve', hide online presence, show in directory, and auto-add new connections to your Friends group. All of these settings are available in expert/custom mode, but using the named roles makes it much easier to get what you want without a lot of fuss.

3. I can change these permissions for individuals or guest tokens, but I cannot deny permissions which are set by my permission role. I can only give more permissions to an user.

This is probably correct.

4. When there are is no access control for a published thing, the permission limits apply.


5. I.e. when I share a new item I can set the access control to this item. I can choose who can see this (public, individuals, groups)by using the lock. How is this list I can choose from restricted by my permission role?

The permission role usually predefines what the ACL contains. The word 'public' will change depending on the permission limits for that type of object, but indicates that the ACL has zero entries. For instance if the limit is 'everybody in the network', you should see that displayed instead of 'Public'.

For most of the roles, you will have either 'public' or the 'Friends' group chosen in the ACL depending on whether the role is more public or is restricted/private. If you are using expert mode and have modified the default ACL, your custom access list will be automatically selected in the ACL tool.

Hope this helps.
Mike Macgirvin
Some of the terms get confusing - such as limits vs. roles and should probably have better names. If I was to simplify  everything, it would be simply:

1. Use permission roles if you can because there is a lot of subtle detail involved.
2. If you must use a custom mode to achieve your goals, start by selecting (and changing to) the closest available role first. Then change the setting to custom/expert and only modify the one or two things you feel you need to adjust for your situation.
3. in expert mode the 'connection permissions' will be available on the side menu. It's probably important to review this as well as the limits and ACL settings because this determines what permissions are given to somebody you connect with and perhaps it should be located in the permission section with everything else that's related to permissions, but it isn't currently.
4. (Just to document this) the Diaspora and GNU-Social connectors (and the future ActivityPub connector) use hard-wired connection permissions because many permissions are hardwired by those networks' policies and over-riding them is likely to cause inter-operability issues.
How to enable Wiki?

Anmol Sharma
I am unable to use Wiki despite of enabling the Wiki plugin. I can not see Wiki page anywhere in my profile.
Do I need to do something else to make it work ?
Anmol Sharma
  last edited: Thu, 20 Jul 2017 01:02:14 +0200  
Thanks everyone for explaining me.
Can't the wiki page be seen beside general post section, so that who ever comes to the profile page can have a direct look at it? Its hidden under the side menu bar where there is less chance to be seen by general public.
Mike Macgirvin
Can't the wiki page be seen beside general post section

This is a content management system so yes this can be accomplished in a number of ways. First you may need to enable webpage creation  in your feature settings. Then visit the webpage-tools page and create a menu containing your wiki. In your channel settings you will then find an entry at the bottom ('miscellaneous settings') that let's you add a custom menu to your "profile". Select the menu you created and it will show up on the sidebar of your channel's pages.  

That's the easiest way. You can also change your entire channel page to display pretty much whatever you want and add/remove different widgets or add custom blocks/ menus/ content/ whatever to the page as desired or change the layout and theme to your liking. It's completely under your control.

We keep this stuff hidden behind a curtain because a lot of folks can't handle this level of control and run away screaming that they aren't smart enough to use this software. But once you've peeked behind the curtain you'll realise that anything is possible.
Anmol Sharma
Thanks for sharing this.

We keep this stuff hidden behind a curtain because a lot of folks can't handle this level of control and run away screaming that they aren't smart enough to use this software.

They prefer public transport, then learning to drive and riding there own car. Nothing could be done.
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

Second post probably it will be dupplicated post but I don't find the orginal post I wrote.

I have a hub but it does not work at all at the moment I have this message.

Apologies but this site is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later.

I don't know what to do to repair it. Any idea ? I am not very good at administrating a server. I thought that hubzilla would be easy but now I am lost. where to continue.
I changed the root password and it works now. Now I have to change again password because I suspect someone hack me.

Finaly raymond you was right. There was no connection to the database
Raymond Monret
Glad it helped you
Carolus Rex
It's not connecting to the db. I would see if myself is running, restart and or check for corrupted tables.
need more FAQ answers

Hub Zilla
I am considering to set up a hub for a number of friends to replace facebook. I have a few questions to make sure that I won't frustrate everybody by server failures or data losses:

1) I read about nomadic identities, but couldn't find a clear explanation besides that you can move from one hub to another, but how would you do this, and what does it mean technically? Is it possible to run redundant hubs, such that all identities are mirrored across two or three servers? Or is the only solution to replace a failed server, to set up a new server afterwards and restore the most recent backup?

2) What happens if a hub disappears? Do the identities disappear? Are the missing identities something like broken links on their friends' side?

3) What measures are taken to make sure that not a few users fill all disk space on their hub? Does hubzilla implement quotas to limit image, video and documents upload?

4) Is every hubzilla user able to download all their data, and could they import these data on another hub?

5) Do you have any information that I could pass to potential users to make them trust the hubzilla software? My impression is that it is developed by less that a handful of people (therefore not a lot of control to prevent bugs), needs quite a lot of permissions during installation and unlimited communication with other hubs. I wouldn't know how to convince others that their data are more safe on hubzilla than on facebook. What if a bug lets anybody on any hub circumvent all encryption and download all personal information from whoever he likes?

I find it hard to understand the features and limitations of hubzilla because of lacking documentation that answers questions like those above. I am sure hubzilla is an excellent project, but some basic documentation would lead to much faster adoption that adding more and more features.

Thank you!
It's me
@Andrew Manning, does the Directory feature on a hub get populated by the connections made by channels on that hub with channels from other hubs? (as long as those other channels have enabled the option to be listed in the directory)
Andrew Manning
  last edited: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 15:19:42 +0200  
Here are some documents that might help. Or they might not. We are always needing better doco.
Mike Macgirvin
Standalone sites will *only* show local members in their directory. They may have knowledge of other channels which are cached locally as they are discovered, but these are not displayed in private directories. The public directories discover things by many means and all of this is made public. They do however hide those that do not wish to be seen, and this *includes* members of sites with standalone directories, which are hidden from the public directory. There is a way to set up directory 'realms' which are standalone directory nodes that can choose how they wish to interact with the public directories - sort of like the way Microsoft Active Directory delegated authority works.
Chess addon = Ever used by anyone?

@Hubzilla Support Forum+

Just wanted to play chess with a friend now....

-- It took me 4 months to figure out, how to start a game with my friend... it always told me "you must choose an opponent", and the "permissions" made the appearance as if these just determine the possible viewers of the game... not the opponent itself...

-- Now after I found this now out, I had to realize that my friend could do all possible moves, not only the allowed ones...hmmm.. not that great :-(
ooh I didn't know about that feature. Sounds like we could promote a chess game marathon, which will be about playn chess, introducing ppl to hubzilla, and have some chat's inbetween.
Andrew Manning
Part of the idea with the chess game "conversation" is that you get notified of opponent's moves like in any other post-comment thread, and you can likewise chat in the conversation between automatic chess move comments like you normally would.
  last edited: Tue, 25 Jul 2017 02:04:40 +0200  
yes, that was a great idea :-)

Btw, i tested it, and it now looks better, but still all sorts of moves can be done. Is that as you expected it? Or what shall I test in particular @Andrew Manning ?
hubzilla 2.4: albums links incorrect

  last edited: Sat, 15 Jul 2017 14:00:36 +0200  
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
Hey there,

I just upgrade from hubzilla 2.2. to 2.4. Unfortunately when i go to my photos then the album names are no more shown, instead only a  "/" for each name. But the photos are then shown.

However, all the links in my channel don't work any more because the unique number for each album seems to have changed too. So if there is a post e.g. "XY published a photo in album B" with a link to "thumbnail"

then a click on it just gets me to photos but not to the corresponding album.

I fear this is the case for all my users :-(. Anyone who knows if this can be fixed?

I have daily snapshots yes, but what shall I do? Go back to 2.2?
Furthermore, the links to the albums seem even to be not correct for new posts! I suspect that the album IDs changed, the new ones are much longer...
To be more precise: I mean the links to the album, they don't work any more, just get you to "recent photos". The links to the photos still work.

Are you sure, that this is only an issue for me? -- I suspect that it's also the case for other servers running hubzilla 2.4. -- did you like some photo which wasn't liked before and check the generated "unhide"-post in the "actitity"-stream? -- if you click there on the link to the album then you probably don't get to the correct album, or do you?
Ok, I think this bug matches all hubzilla 2.4 installations:

Look for example here:

the channel include some posts, with single photos belonging to an album. Take for example one including this sentence "JoCo Cruise 2016 posted a new photo to Day 5". And if you now click on the "Day 5" link, this usually should get you to the album, and show you all the photos in the album. This also worked in hubzilla 2.2. But now if you click on it, it just gets you to "recent photos", which might be something competely different.
Forum / Billboard?

I thought about ting something like the billboards used to be in days of old, that is, I want a page that would display titles of posts, sorted by last commented with links to the actual post and comments stream (later maybe sorted by category as well, to have something like subforums).

I thought I could make this with Comanche, but after reading a bit I think Comanche is only there to place content in certain regions (?), rather than what I have in mind.

I am not quite sure where to search for info or where to start, maybe someone could point me to a direction? Thanks.
Mike Macgirvin
We can't really depend on titles because they are optional. And we can't always generate a pseudo title from the text either because the post might not have any text.

(Photo menu on the top bar) -> Settings -> Display Settings -> Content Settings

You might want to look at 'Blog/List Mode' which provides the links to comments bit. Then adjust the 'max height of content' to provide a minimal bit of the post so you've got a basic teaser like the first line or two or the top of an embedded photo/video.

That's about the best we could come up with trying to match that kind of functionality with the way most folks use social media tools these days. If you can come up with a better way, I think several folks would be interested in hearing about it.

Some thoughts I've had just now -
It might not be too hard to include a line of text as a pseudo-title and then (if there wasn't any text) look at the content and change the pseudo-title to 'a photo/video/audio/encrypted/unknown message' or whatever depending on what the primary content was determined to be.

If you can come up with a better representation of how to display a tagline for somebody who only uploads or shares a photo/video, you can probably get help adding it as an option to one of the conversation templates, or perhaps provide an option to swap out the standard conversation template for another minimal one.
openstreetmap plugin: how to use?

@Hubzilla Support Forum+

I activaged this plugin... and I now when I see my photos with GPS geotags a map is also displayed, but I don't know how to post something containing some map information? -- How can I eg.. post the gps track of my bicycle tour, and let the openstreetmap plugin render the maps therefore? - it seems the documentation for the plugin only tells how to install it, but not how to use... :)
Mike Macgirvin

look near the end of that page for the map and location tags
Mike Macgirvin
You also might want to connect with @Andrew Manning who has written some plugins for doing stuff like tracking your bicycle tour.
Thank you very much Mike, I didn't know where to look any more, I  wasn't aware that the BBCode can be used accordingly. Thanks for your hint!

I will contact Andrew too, maybe he can also show me how to a little more advanced things, like display routes on those maps :-)