Sean Tilley
 San Francisco, CA 
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Is there a good guide out there for enabling feed republishing? I wanted to integrate my Github account and automatically reshare my commit messages. Here's what I've done so far:

1. Create a channel called @DeadSuperHero Git
2. While logged into that channel, enable Feed Republishing
3. Create a new connection to the Atom feed of my Github account.
4. Set up that connection as a Channel Source, and configure it to only reshare on keywords that contain "pushed" or "forked" in a status.
5. On my main channel, set up a Channel Source that reshares any status made by the Git channel.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to get reshared from either my main channel or my git channel. What am I forgetting to do?
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Pushing or forking?
Sean Tilley
Past-tense rather than present. Basically those are the two actions I'd want to share news on. The status objects load from the GitHub atom feed just fine, but I don't seem to have any ability to reshare them manually, and the channel doesn't seem to automatically reshare, either.
Mutated Vowels

Piratenpartei Köln
Seems like this error results from german mutated vowels (ä, ö, ü).
SELECT * FROM item WHERE mid = '' AND uid = 14 and revision = 0 ORDER BY id ASC
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1267 Illegal mix of collations (ascii_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_swedish_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '='
Mike Macgirvin
Your existing schema seems to be at least six months old and we've never used the default MySQL collation (latin1_swedish_ci) so I'm not sure how this happened. We're not using ascii currently. Everything is utf8mb4 now.

We did not update older DB instances with these changes because many of them required a knowledgeable database admin and a lot of manual effort to upgrade cleanly.

My recommendation is to create a new DB with the current DB schema and migrate the old data to it; though this could be difficult on some sites. If you can't easily do that, change all the collations in the item table to at least utf8 and preferably utf8mb4 using install/mysql_schema as a guide. You will see some warnings about key sizes and *may* see warnings about incompatible content.
Default value xlink

Piratenpartei Köln
What should I set as a default value here?

insert into xlink ( xlink_xchan, xlink_link, xlink_updated, xlink_static ) values ( 'k5jqihcMdo0ki1SNmZQ-319NJnlrVYb41zr9faT-cAWt$
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'xlink_rating_text' doesn't have a default value
Mike Macgirvin
empty string
Piratenpartei Köln
Text may not have a default value.
ERROR 1101 (42000): BLOB, TEXT, GEOMETRY or JSON column 'xlink_rating_text' can't have a default value

I changed the field to nullable. Is that ok?
Mike Macgirvin
  last edited: Sat, 09 Dec 2017 21:59:09 +0100  
Yeah, that's fine. We're not using it currently. I've fixed the query and it should be available in dev soonish.
Visitor plugin?

Anmol Sharma
What does the visitor plugin do? There is nothing in it. I thought it will take me back to the Orkut era. :cow
giac hellvecio
maybe now doesn't work anymore, I tested  2/3 ys ago.
Anmol Sharma
I tested  2/3 ys ago

Mike Macgirvin
This plugin tends to err on the cautious side w/r/t your privacy intentions (and honour them).  This limits its usefulness. It produced more interesting results a few years ago but now many browsers enable DNT (do not track) by default.

Piratenpartei Köln
Is that error of relevance or can I just ignore it?

INSERT INTO `hubloc` (`hubloc_guid`, `hubloc_guid_sig`, `hubloc_hash`, `hubloc_addr`, `hubloc_network`, `hubloc_flags`, `hubloc_status`, `hubloc_url`, `hubloc_url_sig`, `hubloc_host`$
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'hubloc_primary' at row 1
Mike Macgirvin
This is a generated query and the table entries may have come from another site. I'll get it sorted but it will require a bit of digging to isolate where and how it began.
Default value

Piratenpartei - News
What should I put as default value for field diaspora_meta in item?

General error: 1364 Field 'diaspora_meta' doesn't have a default value
Mario Vavti
This is resolved in dev branch. We do not use this column anymore and it was removed a few weeks ago. Until the next version comes out:
ALTER TABLE item CHANGE diaspora_meta mediumtext NULL; should help...
Hub Page Redesign

Sean Tilley
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

I'm working on redesigning the pages on my hub, an activity which I haven't focused on in ages. This is a fairly important component of the review, so I'd like to design something that both looks really nice, and isn't too painful to implement.

A few considerations to follow:

1. I'm primarily used to writing pages in HTML, particularly to create custom UI elements and page sections. If I just use the HTML content type, will I lose access to some of the semantic benefits offered by Comanche? (for example, embedding widgets from my profile into the page)

2. I'm probably going to need a lot of custom page styling. What is the best use-case here? Should I just put all of my CSS into a custom theme, and then require that theme on all of my pages? Or should I upload a CSS file somewhere, and just require that CSS file be loaded into my HTML templates?

3. If I want to use custom jQuery plugins for my pages, should I include them in the htmlhead region for the pages that use them?
Sean Tilley
Okay, cool! It seems to work.

Now I'll need to learn some proper PHP conventions to put some HTML elements together inside of widgets, which is still kind of foreign to me. It looks like it's possible to leverage .tpl files though, so I might try that next!
Andrew Manning
Definitely use template files. Every time I think I'll bang something out quicker using php strings, I'm always wrong.
Sean Tilley
That is incredibly helpful insight.
Notice history

Anmol Sharma
How can I see the history of the notices which are shown in red? Sometimes I want to see the post again later and find it difficult to find them again because there is no history of these notices.
Anmol Sharma

How can I have it in hamburger icon or as a clickable shortcut somewhere on the page?
Anmol Sharma
Hubzilla UI language doesn't change to safari's default browser user language

King Emir#
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ The #ui (user interface) of a #hubzilla hub automatically switches to the default #language of the #browsers google chrome and firefox, but not of the browser #safari. Why is that?

Tested with (language: brasilian) and (language: english) on safari 11.0.1 with browser's default language german
Mike Macgirvin
What *exactly* is the language setting? Hubzilla supports 'de'; (German) but sometimes browsers offer very specific options, such as the specific German dialect of German (de-DE); and Hubzilla doesn't know about this specific language variant so reverts to the default. One can often correct this by adding 'de' after or in addition to 'de-DE' in the browser config.
Sean Tilley
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ I'm currently experimenting with Hubzilla Calendar integration on macOS. This is part of my review of Hubzilla 2.8.

Quick question: now that calDAV is supported in core, is it possible that the Events calendar and the cdav calendar will be merged into one calendar in the future?

I'm trying to wrap my head around how this part of the platform is supposed to work, and I'd love to just have one calendar for everything, rather than two separate calendars that serve different purposes.
Mike Macgirvin
That was the original goal. As it turns out, there are some serious compatibility issues with trying to serve the Hubzilla events system directly from CalDAV, so the way this is currently envisioned is going back to my original concept...

Your Hubzilla event calendar will gain the ability to (optionally) auto-sync to/from CalDAV  and external calendar sources, but remain separate for purposes of social federation and (web) access control. So you can have a single calendar showing merged events from both domains but there will be a few behaviour differences depending on which system you access.

It's about one man month of effort but I don't have an ETA given my current workload.
Andrew Manning
Is that an average man month of effort? Because that equates to just one or two Macgirvin days!
Wiki - can't do anything with pagenames with backslash

M. Dent
(Yes, it was sort of an overt attempt at breaking stuff)

It is possible to create a page with backslashes in the name but it is impossible to edit, delete, rename, or do anything with the page once it is created.

I'm currently using MASTER (haven't set up my dev server yet).  Since it may have been addressed, I didn't want to clutter up the bugs list - so I thought I'd check here first.
Mario Vavti
Not addressed/reported yet. Since we use the pagename in the url we should probably disallow this char in pagenames. Not sure if there is a way to encode it so that it does not break the path...
Mike Macgirvin
We're already double url-encoding so that we can use forwards slashes and ampersands. I would probably disallow backslash personally. The names are used in JS strings in a number of places so while you might be able to escape them adequately for PHP use, I'm not certain you can ever escape them enough to survive JS intact. In the past we've resorted to bih2hex for these kinds of cases, but it makes the url unreadable to humans and readable urls is often an important feature of wikis.
Mike Macgirvin
Should be fixed upstream. I was right that it isn't the PHP that's buggered but the JS, so backslashes will be forbidden/stripped in wiki or wikipage names going forward. If you want to fix the existing page on your site, find the iconfig entry with k = 'nwikipage' and the backslash name as v and edit out the backslash. Then you'll be able to process it with the normal wiki functions.
Datetime - Default

Piratenpartei Köln
Hi, if I cannot turn off strict mode on MySQL 5.7 (for reasons) what default value for datetime, instead of 00-00-00 00:00:00 should I use: 1000-01-01 00:00:00?
Piratenpartei Köln
I tried  update item set expires = "0001-01-01 00:00:00" where expires = "0000-00-00 00:00:00"; on my MySQL DB resulting in a
ERROR 1292 (22007): Incorrect datetime value: '0000-00-00 00:00:00' for column 'expires' at row 1

select id from item where expires = "0000-00-00 00:00:00"; runs without problems and shows me all the rows that should be updated ... I already tried to put the select in a sub query, with the same error. Any ideas how to solve that?
Piratenpartei Köln
Ok, solved. Used update item set expires = "0001-01-01 00:00:00" where expires < "0001-01-01 00:00:00";
Mario Vavti
Not sure, but i wonder what will happen if you change your query to:
update item set expires = "0001-01-01 00:00:00" where expires < "0001-01-01 00:00:00";
Wiki - Autocreate Pages

M. Dent
If I edit a WIKI page and include a link to another WIKI page that does not (yet) exist, I'm used to the WIKI automatically creating it (assuming I have "write" permission) without going through an extra step of creating it.  Just click on the link - and it creates the page and drops me in an editor.

Is there a setting for this that I missed?  Or is it something easy to add?
Mike Macgirvin
Looks fine to me
Andrew Manning
Nice work! I found a bug and described it in the pull request conversation on GitHub.
M. Dent
Found it - but there appears to be another bug elsewhere.  The behavior you encountered also happens with the sidebar widget if you use a plus (+) instead of a space in the page name.

I fixed my code so it will pre-populate the input with urldecoded (slash escaped so it hopefully won't break the html unless somebody does something REALLY weird) input - but that isn't the whole fix to the problem you identified - it just makes sure my code works the same as the widget currently works.

My hunch is that at some point in page creation, things are only singly urlencoded instead of doubly urlencoded (as Mike mentioned was the case in the discussion about backward slashes).  I took a look but wasn't able to find it easily.  I created an issue so it can be tracked.

At any rate - I put in a pull request to make my changes behave like the widget does.
How to unsubscribe a forum or contact (shortest and easier way)

@Hubzilla Support Forum+

sorry for my stupid question but After 2 years of using hubzilla I am still not sure how to unsubscribe a forum or even a contact in general.

I have a real case : I want to unsubscribe a forum. How to do it ? Is my way the best ? I count 6 clics.  

1. clic the menu (top right) That is not easy even for new comer to know that
2. Find Contacts . The menu is configurable and we don't know how is the menu. Can you imagine help someone and there is not Contact option. --> You should clic Arrange options
3. Find the right contact --> scroll scroll scroll - If you have 10 contacts that is ok but if you have 1000 how can you find it ? My contact start with Z (Zot universe NEWS)
4- I find the contact -> clic on change
5 Action du contact
6- Delete

I have to make 6 clic when I know the way. Can you imagine people who don't know.

Now I am dreaming unsubscribe in one clic.
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Hamburger icon (1) > Connections (2) > Red delete button on the contact.
Mario Vavti
or if you see an annoying post of a connection in your stream: open post dropdown > edit connection > select delete from the connection tools...
Mike Macgirvin
If you have 10 contacts that is ok but if you have 1000 how can you find it ?

Connections -> "Search"
Photo sizes

@Hubzilla Support Forum+
I read somewhere, cannot recall where, that when a picture is uploaded hubzilla creates 3 (maybe?) sizes (perhaps it was @Mario Vavti who said that?).
a) Do I recall it correctly?
b) Is there a way to embed a specific size for example in a comment?


Adding pictures to a comment is not handy at all ATM. Here's what I do:
Open /photos in a new tab
Upload the photo
Click on the uploaded photo and copy the path to the pic
Go back to the comment and manually add the [ img ] tag pasting the url of the picture
Is there a smarter way?
Andrew Manning
When you paste the URL of an image, the observer's browser is going to try to download that image file. The browser will be asked to authenticate the observer if the image has an ACL. As a  commenter who does not own the post, you do not have knowledge of the post ACL and therefore cannot ensure that the image ACL matches the post ACL. That means that unless you make it a public image, some people viewing the post will see your image in your comment and others will see a blank box. This situation sows confusion and causes annoyance when it happens, so the interface has been designed to limit this from happening without deliberate effort as you described earlier.

Maybe I still don't understand your question and we are talking past each other.
OK don't worry, 100% it's me not getting it :)
I'll try and think about it a bit more and not to annoy you for a while :D
Einer von Vielen
@mrjive I am happy you ask the question. I learn or remember a lot this way. ;-)
Anmol Sharma
  last edited: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 02:35:03 +0100  
I can't wait to ironically post "I can't believe Hubzilla is free" next to a screenshot of my ISP telling me to pay $59.99 to access twitter,facebook,whats app.
And even "I have federation++ power over the paid networks".
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
These companies will have some arrangements with your ISP so that their customersproducts still have "free" access to these services. Would be more concerned about how the ISP will handle traffic he has no arrangements with.
Lost comments?

Anmol Sharma
Why can't I see my comments on this page this page when I can see it on Hubzilla support page
Anmol Sharma
It shows success to me with complete address.

    [success] => 1
    [signed_token] => NobZoKrprmVi8uuurO3j4I7wyIf5CQJ3dPk7kQ6XMXoM3XUjUhmsVm8b1jMN45r8BWhr1g0IMdlwsZTJbLk5KwSqvXPpRHDpPKuhVGEJu6EQBGuHK5oF9azwlTFOWitGLkowonqsbMhGR_T5Tw57Nj-lKN7eI94ghbKAY8-b6MKRmmpNbyo7M8PXh9IUSPvtuR3W7vlfGu2gArNqes21H1zWUkszBhOinBF-Q0kgraDySyJgcWj5GwqudJ2HnXdI9FANIqbdQe_BOsVEMeGpJbXen2oWDsuISqxCKQPcTMn8b75d7yLKLfyORlJR3dPTViRJ6IxNsOuqv_fbJMbZqtrFInRiPOr1cRZJpbR-zWHMF-AJAQS6_PdLLgvQsRTWsAW40FT5P67rfzYoidyTqmX58vTgWNSD9x4-y54lYeHZrRmz6Kp-SJvb6cI2j381QSv6fS-c_X2GZyIL8TvBez1W7efOD5kqJbKBs_Q0nFuRDDDjL3puRwiTZvkJPAEq0P4H25suZD19u9EZ8XA5t63fy7lzVGZbToyKnyFIKH8ounUZTL1skTi8YG6XlP9hgIwriG_SLC8PkuNWtB9Iy9LgZSB4XW-1GKgwHwGo7YE0KS5KajKrYH6QBRtSC2J1t2NJLeA_wBWgL4W9aSPN21W9X2fz1io3sgRqsoyw6jg
    [guid] => pOsCfT0tnumRmtHz8x6R29lZ0x_4qU0MhMrh-3TXct7mwRi8i9MFwYPIEys7KlF8F3KfEG41gJaZMtK3ACprAw
    [guid_sig] => cC1eQYV-W80rRsR2sEGLLgpTGfLKViP7ET1pLtaJSjEmCbXLuulM-I-NxZdHi_0_uKjmwHnX1tUDlqrlQegCZyindgAiVoOQzXYczr2KQqP8xof4kgJeaALXp6WCxQXgWh4_ECJ5bK6jtpcoXaY66KHA4QGmXzU3__zOPMlkKvKACYYtkpqnVu2Jxf_lU-uvuGfw-ieU64tueOJ8cg_fVl46MOb1XDBk9Cz0IFb2sKT_4CXRT0q9p3NqgIvT_SWPDNMz7nQJAZLqGnTpyiGbm55LZvIpNRAsU_acgqm8qwTV_PEWzVfRxusflddGDW6HgYuT7TBt0DHY6EG7m7oF-sZbIhhIXdmEdfTqpv8Iw_MMBer_XOr0vlhcVmuLtjzMcmkR5QQaCRaZqFJUuYPWW6LdBYx0mIlC9a91KFZRt1CzRWpfnAyUjdCoFFi1BLVndwLgejpGX2lahTXjbdWmB9duvVduAkciQQBreY8lriJvu4iO7lfB4rsNV9vU2vy1WZopE0fMRb-vJzlclf2JWBTr2At6QbSYbtLKCeJ8_fKQrHrJ3Ml4r9X6xWjfvFV_BE4eq7KI5ssVO_sp-9WIRMGnHXVh49UeEIr3_qqIfa1zpJA91xh0kW9SwNgmOknT9xSMVs98_gRurQddrpAQGQHC6ldTokfcoL_7r5trQVI
    [key] => -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

    [name] => Anmol Sharma
    [name_updated] => 2017-07-16 01:03:00
    [address] =>
    [photo_mimetype] => image/jpeg
    [photo] =>
    [photo_updated] => 2017-07-16 01:06:58
    [url] =>

    [connections_url] =>
    [follow_url] =>
    [target] =>
    [target_sig] =>
    [searchable] => 1
    [protocols] => Array
            [0] => zot
            [1] => activitypub
            [2] => diaspora
            [3] => ostatus

    [adult_content] =>
    [public_forum] =>
    [permissions] => Array
            [view_stream] => 1
            [send_stream] =>
            [view_profile] => 1
            [view_contacts] => 1
            [view_storage] => 1
            [write_storage] =>
            [view_pages] => 1
            [view_wiki] => 1
            [write_pages] =>
            [write_wiki] =>
            [post_wall] =>
            [post_comments] =>
            [post_mail] =>
            [post_like] =>
            [tag_deliver] =>
            [chat] =>
            [republish] =>
            [delegate] =>

    [profile] => Array
            [description] =>
            [birthday] =>
            [gender] =>
            [marital] =>
            [sexual] =>
            [locale] =>
            [region] =>
            [postcode] =>
            [country] =>
            [about] =>
            [homepage] =>
            [hometown] =>

    [locations] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [host] =>
                    [address] =>
                    [primary] => 1
                    [url] =>
                    [url_sig] => sGYy7zfWQQMNnzHj6mSW-NWH149Rf0WX6onJ19rdUxXpvqiQ4B0bAIjCchEP96CRYpxlYalCw1yQcOIJXlEUm7qADelsV0k9AFJL8CN-6tgkwfY07nC-hPnD53JXZWl6BSUbt4SQvFeMZThVTSGAahzjoRzVkhmuRqeaIXloQgyXbBaDsCLnkN0zokqiSiZ8vwFkyvQwygNih1tBFJIxZYP0fSYQkTR6PEyaaK7LstIYI7m5d-bKNrfL3tBXm4yVbrwZd5E77eJG2n1nrDSCH-6BV8Bf3G7_FKyUvoJJQkm8Y9Rg7QZovk4oiCY14LvJdX90V-phahhtdx4zgxZ1MmGKgt_XpmuHH3UyHbJwwkYSjSUviuGH1-JMTZDeg5X7D3FW1qfxR22OV-YtkJgA_aQAl3kLFdnpALFIrosdNssTbxWbwKmUhGwu4-Q4JEREqSh-pYEZuugyGoZ4Irb1rVGDLv4mP2c8Z1QJ9PrZgJGqbe7BHtANdeWSG3rHQBc6rjqYWNbdzs3YMGOrbq4pdJ68FxU-Y-boLEWYUML8shp4UrVktpnhAqFtsPZi3fPjswmhxFjKMVSdv1srXy99P29_3fipuYnzk6Aju6L2cVb670T1yZR9LJXpglLHZsXoWh0o7RWqqV2hbrtSMi4h6S2-ml2Ze0HxaXXeauBlz54
                    [callback] =>
                    [sitekey] => -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

                    [deleted] =>


    [site] => Array
            [url] =>
            [url_sig] => sGYy7zfWQQMNnzHj6mSW-NWH149Rf0WX6onJ19rdUxXpvqiQ4B0bAIjCchEP96CRYpxlYalCw1yQcOIJXlEUm7qADelsV0k9AFJL8CN-6tgkwfY07nC-hPnD53JXZWl6BSUbt4SQvFeMZThVTSGAahzjoRzVkhmuRqeaIXloQgyXbBaDsCLnkN0zokqiSiZ8vwFkyvQwygNih1tBFJIxZYP0fSYQkTR6PEyaaK7LstIYI7m5d-bKNrfL3tBXm4yVbrwZd5E77eJG2n1nrDSCH-6BV8Bf3G7_FKyUvoJJQkm8Y9Rg7QZovk4oiCY14LvJdX90V-phahhtdx4zgxZ1MmGKgt_XpmuHH3UyHbJwwkYSjSUviuGH1-JMTZDeg5X7D3FW1qfxR22OV-YtkJgA_aQAl3kLFdnpALFIrosdNssTbxWbwKmUhGwu4-Q4JEREqSh-pYEZuugyGoZ4Irb1rVGDLv4mP2c8Z1QJ9PrZgJGqbe7BHtANdeWSG3rHQBc6rjqYWNbdzs3YMGOrbq4pdJ68FxU-Y-boLEWYUML8shp4UrVktpnhAqFtsPZi3fPjswmhxFjKMVSdv1srXy99P29_3fipuYnzk6Aju6L2cVb670T1yZR9LJXpglLHZsXoWh0o7RWqqV2hbrtSMi4h6S2-ml2Ze0HxaXXeauBlz54
            [url_site_sig] => jF8U8lQ-L3P9ji-oh0XDQNeBPspJqp9zmBb7wucVM4JyZrxXNNo59BUZ0x_KMC32Bq8Z88HY0GhEYimhWStV9oSDwcXgCUMcW6F3_gaZjIWbh4Kn4u_3K7JkM1fAbhVK_xqN6cMrlweH1uPX7NjFgkL3yvaf0ljt8Bu8y7CzN6eytWW0OqRfm0uBtq2MMIsZDT6d-Ab8ogcrw38fxkA7ED5hcUqwa3E8NGwtDlq37rbjKsM4oHl0Sl5sirDRzt96G6eb9ADULztaKG7A-cPZvFkGryDuMa08vOFfoEZKjq2QwITMH0rpFvh6iWWz39l1RMgi6fDpMgGSCaqh5oMpFLTSHvD9efuheKCA5xvnMDWb40o1PnH_ZhNudww_mfur9aCqhorUPvkOkVbDwd46lkEkF_MTyYj6Jz_EwOAZbiu4NZGT-uBAn0tjHKPKLTpb5T6hju4vBPPpHvvtFyKIPG_sBJe02jpooMOegK6OAKNFels4nMpDuF3vXe9EEWFxUnI_5VCAm-Cq_Dvgwel1RSZ2Ch76ZfguynQo6UlRtCgK2GHC8-gmCI-lZE5QB0PVr7tvsvJd48d1KSF9FkZsQXLpXshoR8sgMJ2gAZa8X5npov_nzmywKnzLy8QINoXnhHIe6c_unUUePNDgYI2rThKV_75kkYGxkk2xk7qGJvo
            [post] =>
            [openWebAuth] =>
            [authRedirect] =>
            [key] => -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

            [directory_mode] => normal
            [encryption] => Array
                    [0] => aes256ctr
                    [1] => camellia256cfb
                    [2] => cast5cfb
                    [3] => aes256cbc
                    [4] => aes128cbc
                    [5] => cast5cbc

            [signing] => Array
                    [0] => sha256

            [zot] => 1.3
            [register_policy] => approve
            [access_policy] => private
            [accounts] => 2
            [channels] => 4
            [admin] =>
            [plugins] => Array
                    [0] => pubcrawl
                    [1] => b2tbtn
                    [2] => bookmarker
                    [3] => calc
                    [4] => chess
                    [5] => pubsubhubbub
                    [6] => diaspora
                    [7] => statistics
                    [8] => dirstats
                    [9] => emojione
                    [10] => redred
                    [11] => rtof
                    [12] => ldapauth
                    [13] => moremoods
                    [14] => morepokes
                    [15] => openstreetmap
                    [16] => pumpio
                    [17] => qrator
                    [18] => gnusoc
                    [19] => visage
                    [20] => twitter_api
                    [21] => wppost
                    [22] => tictac
                    [23] => smiley_pack
                    [24] => smileybutton
                    [25] => sendzid
                    [26] => rainbowtag
                    [27] => gitwiki
                    [28] => js_upload
                    [29] => upload_limits
                    [30] => rendezvous

            [sitehash] => gmV6GVsxr1U8IsHnRXoTtefXBr33IXmtQgSouuzLiKqrZTFxdj1lyOUfKAMqYtswvFy66JzC
            GraviZot => Datamol
            [sellpage] =>
            [location] =>
            [realm] => RED_GLOBAL
            [project] => hubzilla pro
            [version] => 2.8.1

Anmol Sharma
  last edited: Thu, 30 Nov 2017 13:10:40 +0100  
I can authenticate to the tonnerkiller and write a comment on his wall page which could be seen on Hubzilla support page. But reverse is not happening i.e. comments from Hubzilla support page are not reaching to tonnerkiller's wall page.
Mario Vavti
It works for me now too @anmol
Checking own post's ACL after posting

Raymond Monret
Hi all

how to check the ACL of a post I made, after posting it? Just to be sure I did not mess things up?


@Hubzilla Support Forum+
If the ACL has been set, you should see a lock like this
and if you click on it, a tooltip appears with the ACL you set.
h.ear.t | tobias
  last edited: Wed, 29 Nov 2017 19:48:46 +0100  
One should add: only for your own posts. Else it would be a privacy breach.
Sometimes it could be desirable though to share the privacy setting of a post with all the recipients. Is the privacy tag @! the only possibility to do so or can I also share the acess control list somehow.
Carddav and Evolution

  last edited: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 23:09:59 +0100  
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
Hi everyone.
I just set upmyown hub to use the caldav/carddav feature. Caldav seems to be working with my Client software (Evolution), but Carddav is sending me errors (403 Forbidden).

I used https://sevrer.tld/cdav in both cases, the channel name (tonnerkiller) and the channel password toconnect. As stated above, it worked with caldav,it didn't work with carddav.

Any ideas?
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Coming back to the topic of the thread.... bug submitted:
Mario Vavti
Thanks for reporting. I think this issue is #fixed now
I could See your comments just now.
Unable to cennect to the Mastodon

Anmol Sharma
  last edited: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 13:06:02 +0100  
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
Few days back I connected to few Mastodon instances and was able to connect to them. But I tired adding few accounts and the message account discovery fails pop up.  
Here is the log:

2017-11-28T11:47:48Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:Finger.php:77:run: zot_finger: Gargron at
2017-11-28T11:47:48Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:network.php:358:z_post_url: z_post_url: error:
2017-11-28T11:47:48Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:Finger.php:100:run: zot_finger: https failed. falling back to http
2017-11-28T11:47:48Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:network.php:358:z_post_url: z_post_url: error:
2017-11-28T11:47:48Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:Finger.php:118:run: zot_finger: no results
2017-11-28T11:47:48Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:network.php:1204:webfinger_rfc7033: fetching url from resource:
2017-11-28T11:47:48Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:network.php:1279:fetch_xrd_links: url:
2017-11-28T11:47:49Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:network.php:1258:fetch_lrdd_template: fetch_lrdd_template from:
2017-11-28T11:47:49Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:network.php:1259:fetch_lrdd_template: template (https): Array
    [0] => Array
            [@attributes] => Array
                    [rel] => lrdd
                    [type] => application/xrd+xml
                    [template] =>{uri}



2017-11-28T11:47:49Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:network.php:1279:fetch_xrd_links: url:
2017-11-28T11:47:49Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:network.php:1279:fetch_xrd_links: url:
2017-11-28T11:47:49Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:network.php:176:z_fetch_url: z_fetch_url: error:
2017-11-28T11:47:49Z:LOG_INFO:du5rnakqnae1rhf9njihu63au0:follow.php:180:new_contact: follow: Channel discovery failed.

Am I missing some thing which I did last time and forgot to do this time?
Anmol Sharma
Ok adding the mastodon connection with https works. I was missing that.
So the connection should look like rather then or
Mike Macgirvin
For Mastodon, yes.