Michael McKinsey

Directory showing up empty.

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Looks like my directory is showing up empty, selecting this wesbite only or not does not make any difference.  Any ideas how to get this resolved?  I have a bunch of new people joining it would be nice if they could find each other under the "this website" directory.

Also putting anything in the search bar still shows empty result, even when putting in valid channel names.

Could I have accidentally changes some setting to cause that?  I just did a git pull to see if it would help seems to make no difference.

This site is powered by Hubzilla (standard)
Version 2.2
Michael McKinsey

This should be showing the public profiles even for people who are not logged in yes?
Mario Vavti
hubzilla.site is down atm. You might want to change your directory server in /admin/site
Michael McKinsey
That did it.  I did not realize directory used an external server.  I learn something new every day.
René Röderstein
I was trying to give access to some files in my cloud and integrate it in ownCloud via WebDAV.
First problem: Owncloud expects a user name and a password
Second problem: when I try to open the link there shows up an exception in the XML (<s:exception>Sabre\DAV\Exception\NotFound</s:exception>).
Mike Macgirvin
Links with 'davguest' are obsolete (but were allowed in redmatrix). We may still have this in code or documentation but please point out where so we can get rid of it.

You would be welcome to help integrate WebDAV principals and WebDAV ACLs with hubzilla (and in general work on better owncloud integration if that is ultimately what you seek). In the meantime, to share files, point people at the files in /cloud/nickname and add a guest access token to the path if  the file is protected and they are not using a zot compatible service. The /dav endpoint is currently only available to site members using username/password for authentication per the WebDAV specification.
René Röderstein
I went to the "files" section, clicked on the edit-button (pencil symbol) of the folder I wanted to give access to and copied the link that was shown.
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Is there a way to request an update on all contact information?
  • On an old hub that once started as non-ssl'ified a looong time ago I would like to re-pull the contact's icons as some are still saved as non-https
  • On another Hub that moved server the new database changed its global charset from latin1 to utf8. Some contacts that are using special characters would need a refresh. I can live with old posts having the same issue.
Mike Macgirvin
Generally we refresh information for our connections every day or so. We've started to notice a couple of flaws in this mechanism.

First, we only update connections. We don't probe everybody in the known zot universe to see if something changed.

Also we only fetch new avatars when we notice the xchan_photo_date timestamp changed. Unfortunately, switching from http to https does not update this timestamp. You can fix this in 2.2 by selecting 'Refresh photo' from the connection edit page. But I'm unsure of what precisely you are asking because once we've fetched a copy of the avatar, we try to use our fetched copy for all local references of that channel. So it might be important to know where you're seeing the http references.

For the charset issue, this also requires some investigation as the regular connection updates should pick up the current values. Unless you're saying that there is still latin1 stored in the UTF-8 database on the origination site. I don't know that we can fix this unless the origination site fixes it. But like the xchan_photo_date, there is also an xchan_name_date to let us know that somebody changed their name. This may have the same issue as the photo.

What we do to pull in a new photo is set the xchan_photo_date to NULL_DATE (0001-01-01 00:00:00) and then fetch a channel update. You can do the same trick (except using xchan_name_date) to force a refresh of the name - assuming it's stored correctly on the source system.
René Röderstein
it seems that the profile pictures of my contacts are not updated on my side when the person changes it. Is there anything I can do about that?
Mike Macgirvin
Give it up to 48 hours - these things are subject to cache and propagation delays. Then, if you're running 2.2 and still don't see the update, visit the connection editor and 'refresh photo' from the menu. Then wait again.

If it's a channel on another network it all depends.  I think we force a refresh of Diaspora photos once a month just in case there were delivery issues with the profile update message. For GNU-Social the refresh code isn't yet implemented.
Allied Social

Looking for a guinea pig/first customer

After several hard years of development, a new platform with Zot (and Diaspora) compatibility is nearing launch. This platform is focused on providing valuable services at commodity cost. Much of the difficulty in getting to the finish line, is in providing the highest quality end-user experience to a general audience.

It takes much less time to get a highly customized experience right for just one 'user'. This is why I am writing today. I am looking for a company to be the first customer. For a modest web design fee, a site will be designed specific to the business/organization's needs. Features will include of course Zot and Diaspora as already mentioned, but also easy ecommerce, and most importantly, whatever is at the top of the business' wish list. We are not trying to sell anyone on a newfangled thing that does more of the same. We are customizing the software to the needs of the business/org. Don't limit your imagination.

We can accommodate many different applications including (but not limited to): customer engagement, customer support, ecommerce, corporate transparency, corporate responsibility, forums, chat, wiki, or marketplace. There are also many additional features that we can only discuss with potential companies under NDA.

We can't accept just any company for this special case. It would have to be a business or organization that is a good fit. They should be someone who already has an idea of the benefits of decentralized social networking, and is looking to launch a new site. We aim to complete the customer's site within 5 weeks (this is negotiable if what is desired is more complicated and would require more time).

Since we understand this is a lot to ask, there will be a referral fee of 15% to whomever brings us the right customer. (business owners can get the referral fee too)

To summarize:
What we're looking for-
- a business/organization that is looking to leverage decentralized social networking to communicate with their customers/constituents on a deeper level OR
    a business/organization that has a technological need that would be enhanced with Zot/Diaspora OR
    a business/organization that specifically does not want a cookie-cutter or centralized web presense

What we will provide-
- First crack at our new software
- customizations for business needs
- 2 years of hosting
- dedicated support

If anyone out there knows of a company that would be a good fit, and has a budget for a site design, please let me know ASAP by private message on Disapora or Hubzilla, or send email.

Keep in mind, you are expected to earn your referral fee. Don't just send blind leads, send someone you've discussed this with.

I should also mention that for legal as well as practical reasons they must be a US-based business or non-profit. In fact, a non-profit might be a great fit so don't overlook them, I just used business as shorthand for business/organization for much of the post.

Please share this post and respond with any questions.

@Hubzilla Support Forum+ (posting in this channel for wide distribution, hope that's ok)
#ethical #business #hosting #decentralized #zot #diaspora #small business #support local
Advertising at the support forum? Not an ethical behaviour. And no nothing substantial in your profile area except for stating you are selling ethical somethings. Seems to be not as ethical as stated.
Allied Social
I would've used Channel One except it seems to be defunct. In fact, even the support channel has distribution problems that almost made the post go nowhere. There doesn't seem to be any other way in hubzilla to post something that would get wide distribution. I also would've posted under @habeascodice so you'd know it was me but that handle has connectivity issues with the forums as well so I had to make a new one. Another reason for using a different handle is I wanted to emphasize that this is a legal business entity and not just someone's personal project, or something that is merely aspirational. It is a small business with an ethical source of income.

This may technically be an advertisement but it is more of a request for a first customer, one very special customer, to help support the development process, it's not an open advertisement asking everyone to just buy something. I'm only asking for a referral.

Ideas how to realize a visitor counter?

@Hubzilla Support Forum+
Hey hubzilla users,

did anyone realize a visitor counter to his channel? -- if so, how?
- My idea so far is to setup an virtual host which redirects to the channel of user x, and before redirecting just increase the counter.

Or does anyone have a better idea, how to realize it?

Mike Macgirvin
You can use the visage plugin - but this definitively qualifies as 'tracking' and we therefore need to honour the DNT header and the other channel's privacy wishes. This makes the plugin somewhat less than useful most of the time - as many if not most folks using this network are somewhat privacy conscious. It would be trivial to alter this to increment a simple counter which discards the personal info; in which case you could probably get away with ignoring DNT.
Thank you for explaining me that.
I have already discovered this "visage" plugin, and was already wondering if it could be used for that.
My plan now is, I will try out the piwik plugin and if that is too much overkill, then try a modification of the visage plugin :)
René Röderstein
@Hubzilla Support Forum+
are there plans to integrate Webtorrent in Hubzilla? Would be a nice feature to share videos e.g. without the need of a central video server.
We "just" need to integrate some JavaScript. Could that be done in ones own Hubzilla-Websites or would we need a plugin?
René Röderstein
Hi @Gab ,
how is the plugin progress? Do you already have a github-Link for us?
I only work on it the first day I put it aside for my other priorities. But It's not dead. I'll publish a git repo est once I get back home and have time for it. It will be around 1-2 AM (I have a long day today). If I don't it will be Saturday.

For now I finally choose to do 2 plugins. one to play and an other to "publish". I'll publish the player first (It's the easy part).

I found many problems for the "publishing tool". First: Hosting don't generally allow "torrent" to run on them... I'll publish it anyway with the set of conditions to be able to run. If some else find a better way to do it, I'll be happy to see it.
René Röderstein
Great! Thanks for the update.

Channel's posts show up with no name in the stream

I have an odd behaviour on my hub with just one channel that I'm not connected to.

When I receive posts or comments of this channel in my stream via public forums,
1) the name of the channel is empty on all posts and comments
2) the profile photo is not visible on all posts, comments and notifications
3) notification messages show up as "null has posted something" but
4) notification messages on reactions from other channels show up with the correct name ("XYZ likes Channel Name's comment")

This only happens in my channel's stream on my hub. If I visit the other channel's profile or some forum channel's pages with posts from that channel everything (name and photo) shows up correctly. So I guess the problem might originate from something on my hub. It only affects one channel so far.

Where should I start to investigate? Does someone know what's happening here?
Thanks Mike for the thorough description. I will try to solve it that way tomorrow and check back if it worked or if there are further questions.
So I put the channel's webbie into the probe field, got the diagnostics, added the import parameter and voilà - worked like a charm. Thanks again, Mike, that was some useful information!
is there an official public wiki where we could write that down ? I can do it :)

There is @Hubzilla Support Forum but I don't think there is a public wiki active.
Michael McKinsey

Calendar Event Imports - Recurring Events - Delegation of Event Scheduling

@Hubzilla Support Forum+

It is interesting how much I am finding out about what I don't know about hubzilla trying to launch this web presence for this club.

Latest challenge is we need to be able to update the events calendar for the org, which has its channel set up now.

In a perfect world I would be able to give various people access to be able to add events to the calendar for their respective departments (we have a cruise chair, a race chair, the people who schedule the membership meetings etc.)  I am hoping I can avoid the old problem of all of them having to send me events to get them on the calendar and instead just be able to give them access to put events up themselves.

Also, I would like to have recurring events (we have a race every Tuesday for six months out of the year, and it seems I have to enter each one of them individually?)

I noticed the shiny import calendar button, and thought I would be really smart and make the recurring event in google calendar and then import it, but not only did it only import a single event and ignore that it was repeating, it also put it at the wrong time because of the time zone adjustment, which makes importing calendars appear to be worse even than entering the events by hand.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks about how we might work with this?  The events calendar is an important feature I am trying to work out a way to set this up so we can make it work.
Michael McKinsey
I thought about this process a bit more and the import calendar issue is not something we really need, there is an advantage to entering the events one at a time as they have a series and race number that changes and is useful to have on the calendar.  I really do want to get plugged in on the dev side so I can contribute and I am going to work on that when I get some more time.  Thanks for your help.
Mike Macgirvin
I still highly recommend that somebody  reading this conversation take the patch from this thread and submit it officially so that others don't have the same issue. This thread will soon vanish into time. The problem will remain until it is fixed.
Michael McKinsey
I will make an effort to take care of that when I get some time to devote to that.  I am sure it will not take long once I get myself accustomed to the methodology of contributing.

php mail() <-> MTA ... the "From:" sender is lost somehow

Hey folks,

there is still another problem I face:
hubzilla/php calls my MTA (exim4/sendmail) but somehow the sender address is lost. I set the sender in the system config "from_email" and mail() is also called with the correct parameters, but when my MTA is called, the logs show as sender the userid of the hubzilla process :-(

Did anyone have that problem before too? -- or does know anyway why it could forget about the from?

That feel when you read sendmail documentation and realize you weren't born yet when it was published...
Thanks for your comments and your help!

I found now the problem!
It turned out, that it was not really the fault of the mail system, but the code in Zotlab/Lib/Enotify.php, in particular the code to create the "reply-to" address. It may create an email address which doesn't exist, and thus some mail servers might deny to deliver.

Shall I file the details to a github issue or tell you here? -- fix it on my own or let you do the hard work? ;-)
Mike Macgirvin
Shall I file the details to a github issue or tell you here? -- fix it on my own or let you do the hard work? ;-)

That depends on how badly you want to see it fixed. "Telling you here" is not a workable outcome. Posts and conversations scroll away and unless somebody comments on them, they tend to fade from memory completely in a day or two as new content streams in. So all bugs should be properly reported on the github issue tracker.

Once there is a trackable issue, the outcome is subject to somebody deciding to drop everything else they are working on and fix the thing you are interested in. Some bugs get worked on promptly - some don't. There is no logic or priority to this. There is just a very small pool of over-worked volunteers. So every bit of help you can provide makes it more likely you'll see a workable solution within your lifetime. A suggested patch that a volunteer can cut and paste is much more likely to get merged than if the volunteer has to set up an elaborate test sequence to reproduce an issue before they can even begin to figure out the problem and then work out a solution.
Michael McKinsey

@tagging to make a post on a public channel

I think I may be missing something in the logic of how this is supposed to work.  When I put the @tag of a public channel in a post on my channel when I have the correct settings to allow me to add these like this:

@Hubzilla Support Forum

I expect that post to show up in that channel for everyone, but it does not seem to be working.

I don't seem to be able to get the settings correct to allow connections to a channel to add a post to the channel by @tagging it.

I feel like I must be missing something simple.  I set up a channel, originally I chose 'social - mostly public', then I modified it to 'community forum - mostly public' - neither of those worked so I put it on custom and set:

Can send me their channel stream and posts - any connection
Can post on my channel (wall) page - any connection
Can forward to all my channel connections via @+ mentions in posts - any connection

My impression is this would allow someone to share a post on their channel, with @tagging the public channel and the post would show up in the public channel.  This does not seem to be working.

I also tried putting all three of those settings to any authenticated and same result.

When I post on a my personal channel with @tagging the public form channel the post is not showing up in that channel.  Am I missing something?  Is there a setting I need on my personal channel or server to make this work?

It also seems I am not able to do that kind of a post to this channel either, I need to come to the actual server and share on that page remote authenticated to get the post to show up.  When I post it in my channel with the @tag for this channel it does not show up here.

If you look at my channel there is another post similar to this one, with this channel @tagged, but it is not showing up here, and I do not seem to be able to make that work for public channels on my server either.
Michael McKinsey
Thanks Shimriez.  I was confused for a bit because I could not find that option, then I realized it comes and goes depending on the setting you choose for the channel permission category.  So at "Forum - Mostly Public" that option does not exist, but when I go to custom it shows up.  I am not sure what happens to the changes I make in Connection Default Permissions in custom when I change back to Forum - Mostly Public, but we will see.  The reason I am changing back and not staying at custom is because I want the channel to show up under forums and I do not see any way to do that when the channel permission category is at custom.
Mike Macgirvin
Since the combination of possible permissions is quite large and lots of personal channels have custom permissions that allow tag posting, hubzilla needed a better way to determine what was or wasn't a forum.

Currently a forum is detected by virtue of

a) being created as a public forum

b) providing the "can send to my connections with tags" and NOT providing the 'can send me their stream and posts' permission.

The reason for b is that personal channels will often be watching your stream on their network page. Forums are typically run in such a way that nobody every looks at the channel's forum network page so it makes no sense to populate it and fill the system disk with something that nobody will ever read.
Michael McKinsey
Thanks Mike that is what I was trying to figure out, I was thinking it was probably a combination of permissions that created the forum condition.

Nomadic identity feedback

@Hubzilla Support Forum+

If you talk about Hubzilla in one feature : it is nomadic identity.

I did a clone  (From hubzilla 2.0.7 to hubzilla 2.2) and I would like to tell you what it works and what it does not work (probably it is not done yet)

Menu cloned
Page web not cloned
Photos not cloned
Cloud not cloned
Wiki not cloned (old wiki --> wiki v 2.2) normal as far as I understand. In the future it will works
contacts cloned
profiles : cloned but the same photo for all profiles.
giac hellvecio
posts/messages from you and your friends  cloned right? ... is what also we want in a real clone
giac hellvecio
cloud thing (photos  - videos - files ) needs to bee Independent from the rest, because it depend on the free space that  you can have  in the other hub, right?
Mike Macgirvin
"cloud thing" needs to be independent because each file can potentially use all the memory available to the importing process and cause the import to crash. Each file needs to be transferred one by one in a separate process.

They can all potentially be imported as a client side process (such as with the redfiles plugin). Another solution which is currently in the works is the 'snap' module; which provides a DAV based export of the raw files in your repository. I recommend you use this and copy the whole directory tree as it exists on the server (with the funny filenames under store). Together with the meta information (which is available via the API), the entire tree can be duplicated precisely on another server. This is still a work in progress, but I still recommend using it since it provides critical information that may not be available any other way and *could* allow somebody to re-create your files in the future when the tools have matured a bit more.

The redfiles plugin can be used on the short term but I don't know that it has been fully updated to work with hubzilla (it was originally created for redmatrix). If I recall it does 'mostly' work but nobody has used it in ages and we already know that if things go unused for a long time they tend to slip into disrepair.

subsribe to RSS feed via hubzilla -- simple way?

hey folks,

I would like to read RSS feeds when I login to hubzilla.....
is there any easy way to do this? -- or is that not intended for that?
-- I think I could create a new channel and then specify an RSS address..... and maybe then the news there are also shown to me under "network".... is that the way to do that? or is there a simpler solution?

thank you for any nice comments :-)
thanks @kris, @gab

This is really great!!! I thought I had to create a own channel and import it... but this is much more easier!!!!!

and having the choice, like Gab suggested, is also suuuper! :-)

thanks a lot!!!! :-)
Raymond Monret
Also you can set up a channel as a feed agregator. To do this, create a dedicated channel, add as many rss feeds as you want as contacts to this channel, and then add these contacts to the "sources" list of that channel. Now all the rss contents will be fed right through the publication stream of this single channel. Everyone adding this channel as a contact will get all the updates of all the rss feeds in one single click.
thanks Raymond!
Seems everything is possible in a very convinient way :-)

Customize notification email content

I noticed that the notification emails usually contain all the content which a person wrote me in a comment. Well, I consider email unsecure, and want to use hubzilla to secure my communication.

Therefore I would like that Hubzilla ddoesn't provide any message content, nothing of what a person commented on my hubzilla posts... just THAT someone commented.

My question: are there already any configuration options to customize which content is included and which not. If not I would like to help implement it.

Thanks for your help!
I will try to create an addon and find the "plugin points" :-)
I'll be interesting in testing it :)
great! :-)
You are my "testing crew" ;)
Michael McKinsey

Update Error Email

odd I have not had one of these before:

I'm the web server at redmatrix.us;

The Hubzilla developers released update 1185 recently,
but when I tried to install it, something went terribly wrong.
This needs to be fixed soon and it requires human intervention.
Please contact a project developer if you can not figure out how to
fix it on your own. My database might be invalid.

The error message is 'Update 1185 failed. See error logs.'.

Apologies for the inconvenience,
        your web server at https://redmatrix.us

So far it seems I am not having any issues and everything seems to be working.  I recently did a gitpull update and the 2.2 update seems to be working fine, json status showing commit 211cda5.  Should I try to find evidence of this problem somewhere?

My server load was high for a while, and mysql process seemed to be chugging away at something, but it seems to be done and is quiet as normal now.  Email came in a couple of hours ago, I just noticed it.
Mike Macgirvin
Checking the DB is probably a good idea just for the peace of mind. Failure of this field might not be obvious unless you create a new app and it fails to store correctly. Otherwise the bugs which might result could be somewhat subtle.
Michael McKinsey
mysql> show columns from app like 'app_plugin';
| Field      | Type      | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| app_plugin | char(255) | NO   |     |         |       |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

I am guessing that confirms no problems?
Mike Macgirvin
should be fine
Michael McKinsey

Webpages with different root domain name

Hi All,

Sorry if this is in the documentation somewhere and I can't find it.

I am planning on putting up a website for a small organization and I think I am going to use hubzilla, I want to use the server that is currently online at redmatrix.us but I would like to set up a dedicated domain name for the organization (likely quite a few hugely technically challenged people, so simple is good just to get to the site).  I can set up a forward in the DNS to just redirect the domain name to the channel page but I am wondering if there is any built in support to do something like virtual hosting.  I do not need it to actually be separated in any way from the rest of the server, but would like it to go to particular content with just the new domain name.  I am curious what kind of support is available for alternative domain names pointing to particular channels/content.

Barefoot  Runner
Understood. Once I got roped into setting up a webpage for a street hockey league. Then after every game the club  wanted me to post scores and stats. So I said I'd go ahead and setup some additional admins so they could update their webpage themselves after every match. That was the last time the webpage got updated. LOL.
Barefoot  Runner
FYI, @Michael McKinsey mmc1800@redmatrix.us, just noticed your profile pic is not showing up in this thread (but Mike McGarvin's and mine are showing up).
Michael McKinsey
This is a yacht club, we do sailboat races every week and we post results after every race and sailing instructions before each race etc.  We generally use a google spreadsheet to send out the results and a yahoo mailing list to keep in touch.  They wanted a website, so this should work fine for what we need, having a place to get information for new or interested people etc.  My guess is mainly the club will keep using email lists and google spreadsheets for the weekly reach out to the racers, but it would be nice to have a historical record and the social stuff to get in touch with each other and provide information to new or potential members.  As with most things like this, the people who are talking about what should happen are rarely the people who are supposed to get it actually done, I think whatever we end up with will be plenty it is a very low key small group of people who mainly like to race sailboats and this is better than not having any online presence (probably facebook is the most common way people actually talk to each other one on one online in the club, anything is better than that IMHO).

My profile pic looks fine from here in this thread, probably some kind of refresh thing needed on your server end.
René Röderstein


My Wiki-Site is unreachable ( https://zentrumderarbeit.net/wiki/roederstein).
Do I somehow have to activate it? Or do I have to reinstall something?
Mario Vavti
It seems to me that there is a conflict because you have a 3rd party wiki installed at the exact same address.
The 404 error is probably there because the page roederstein probably does not exist in the 3rd party wiki...
René Röderstein
I can open the gitwiki, after activating the plugin. But that is only the old solution, right?

@Mario Vavti 3rd party wiki? There is a Mediawiki under zentrumderarbeit.net/wiki but I didn't install a wiki in hubzilla. There seems to be something strange with my apps, though. When open the app list in my browser every app-symbol appears twice. But besides the wiki everything seems to work fine.
René Röderstein
Ok, I should change the Mediawiki adress ;-). Thanks.
@Hubzilla Support Forum+


Is there conditions for cloning 2 hubs cause I try to clone first time it didn't work it say in french something that the database is not the right verson

second time, I change in english and it works with the message
Warning: Database versions differ by 3 updates.
Import completed.
giac hellvecio
it happens to me all the times...
giac hellvecio
it is a long long time, maybe redmatrix times, I do not see a totally clean cloning, always comes a strange message, even if often everything works.
René Röderstein
where can I edit the ACL for a Chatroom?
René Röderstein
OK, I see. Can I invite people to open chatrooms? Or just by sending them a link via private message, e.g.?
Andrew Manning
Yes, as long as you set the permissions to allow them, all they need is the link to the room.
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Since we're on topic... ;-)

It used to be one could favorite chat rooms in other hubs to easily find them.

I can still see my old favorites, but I don't find how to favorite a chatroom anymore.

Have we lost that part of the interface by accident ?
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

How doing with diaspora contacts while moving a hub ? If you create a sync channel on a new hub you don't receive diaspora data and that is logic but do you have a way to do it ? Delete and recreate them ? Update contact permissions ?
Thank you I will tell you my feedback for that.
We could add this plugin as an optional dependency for the "moving" controller. So it could be loaded once if present. If there is no diaspora contact it will simply do nothing. And if the plugin no present, add a "message" in the import tool view (like "* note, the plugin X is not present / active [...], if you have diaspora contact, you will [..]).

May be I could do a pull request about this... hmm
Mike Macgirvin
  last edited: Fri, 17 Mar 2017 21:58:04 +0100  
I would just wait until Diaspora supports "move messages" (the spec was completed recently, although to be fair it was first proposed 7 years ago). When they support moving and hubzilla performs a channel move the Diaspora plugin would just send the move message. Until this ability exists hubzilla needs to have these other silly hacks available.