Can't see all posts from !support in my hub
When I'm viewing the !Hubzilla Support Forum channel from my hub it is missing a couple of posts.
When I view the support forum from gravizot I can see all.
...the problem I have with is that from there I can't use the function 'save to folder' or 'community hashtag'.

(it looks as just the posts from the last couple of hours are missing. Will see if they arrive tomorrow)
Andrew Manning
I have similar issues. It takes sometimes a day for comments to propagate to my hub, so the discussion can occasionally be missing pieces there. I only saw this post after visiting the forum channel page ( ), but you only made it about an hour ago so that is consistent with the lag. My guess is that this is due to the number of channels connected and the server capacity.
Hubzilla Support Forum
The problem is probably a new clone. This is not very powerful. I remove it again.
* also the comments you both made aren't visable from viewing this post from my home hub.
Christian Vogeley
!Hubzilla Support Forum The new notification widget doesn't show up on my activity (network) page while it is available on the other pages. Is there a setting for that I am missing? It does work on but not on my personal installation.
Mario Vavti
Pubstream notifications can be turned of in notification settings...
Thanks a lot!
Mario Vavti
You are welcome!
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@Hubzilla Support Forum+
This in the browser address line:

working like expected.

Now me trying to get the same result with an ajax call:

url: 'https://'+username+":"+password+"@"+hub+'/api/z/1.0/item/update',
type: 'POST',
crossDomain: true,
data: {

what do I miss to make the ajax work?

Failing miserably. Bear with me, I'm only beginning with Javascript... Here's a link to the corresponding codepen:
Mike Macgirvin
The data needs to be sent in this case with application/x-www-form-urlencode (this is from memory which might be fuzzy after a few #homebrews). You might need to use $.post() or pass args to $.ajax() to make it output the correct format. In any event, unless foo is a variable you should probably quote it as a string.
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
!Hubzilla Support Forum A reminder that you should now be able to access most Hubzilla forums with !forumname. This has been in place for several months and will be much more compatible with other federated systems.
Forum is the channel where one of the forum-categories was picked under channels/settings? I remember there having been more fine-grained settings, but I can't find them any more. Maybe they only remain for single connection definitions...
Mike Macgirvin
This choice is usually made when you create a channel (What kind of channel would you like to create?), but you can also change it in your channel settings. See "Security and Privacy Settings".  If you would like to create an additional channel for the purpose of running a forum or some other kind of thing (celebrity or small business page, newsfeed, whatever), see 'Channel Manager' from the dropdown menu with your picture in the top bar. Then select 'Create New'.
Thank you.
Sean Tilley
 San Francisco, CA (Map) 
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ What's the best way to modify the Avatar and Name field on a remote channel feed connection? I wanted to set up some small bots that pull streams from Github and other sources, but for organizational branding purposes, I'd like to make sure that the name and picture lines up in a way that makes sense. For example, if I'm creating a channel for Github commits, currently it just uses the top-level picture.
Mike Macgirvin
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There's no simple way to do this at the moment. You can change the name in the xchan table (xchan_name). This would also be the place to change the photo, except that finding the correct photo for a feed and then importing it  and updating the xchan record is a somewhat complicated process.

Here's how. create a file named mod/test.php (after creating the mod directory).



function test_content ($a) {

  $hash = 'xyz123abc'; // xchan.xchan_hash of the feed connection
  $url = 'https://some.image.url';

   $photos = import_xchan_photo($url,$hash);
   $r = q("update xchan set xchan_photo_date = '%s', xchan_photo_l = '%s', xchan_photo_m = '%s', xchan_photo_s = '%s', xchan_photo_mimetype = '%s' where xchan_hash = '%s'",


Once you edit the hash and url and save the file, visit yoursite/test (once only). Then remove or disable the file somehow so others cannot access it.

[edit: you might also edit xchan_name_date and set it to anything more recent than it is currently set to. This will trigger other sites to discover that it changed. ]
Sean Tilley
 San Francisco, CA (Map) 
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ I'm setting up a new hub, and trying to remember one last thing that I haven't had to worry about in a while - sending emails! Specifically, verification emails for accounts.

What's the general best practice with setting up a PHP email-sending library with a Hubzilla installation?
Mike Macgirvin
MTAs can get incredibly complicated. I'd probably recommend starting with

apt-get install postfix

and choose 'internet site', unless somebody else has a simpler setup. nullmailer is also dead simple but requires an external smarthost iirc. Exim will make you pull your hair out, especially running under a debian/ubuntu distro. I cut my teeth on the original sendmail and was one of the few people that could write configuration rules for that beast, but it is getting really old and I don't think I would recommend it any more.
Sean Tilley
Cool, postfix sounds good enough for me. I'm already part-way through a guide and have a little more fiddling to do before it works.
Mario Vavti
msmtp - ArchWiki
msmtp is a very simple and easy to use SMTP client with fairly complete sendmail compatibility. Install the msmtp package. Additionally, install msmtp-mta, which creates a sendmail alias to msmtp. The following is an example of a msmtp configuration (the file is based on the per-user example file located at /usr/share/doc/msmtp/msmtprc-user.example...
Help after install - permissions 777 danger

Camron Bickford
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@Hubzilla Support Forum+ During the Hubzilla install the instructions are to "chmod -R 777 store". I do have sufficient
privilege to change this to something better, but I guess I don't have sufficient knowledge to make these directories writeable
only by the webserver. I'm on a Ubuntu16 vps.

Current Properties for the "store" folder are:
owner: root
access: read & write
group: www-data
access: read & write
others: read & write

I really don't want to mess things up playing with things I don't understand.

Should I
sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/
and then
chmod -R 755 /var/www/

(my wordpress also isn't able to install plugins, so I'm thinking the whole server needs permission changes instead of just the Hubzilla directory)
Mike Macgirvin
That would work.

Technically the only things that www-data has to *write* are .htconfig.php (but only during installation) and store (where uploaded and server-generated files are kept). Your server security will be improved if you only give www-data permission to write to those specific locations and allow it to read from everything else.

You may also need to give www-data write permission to create symlinks in addon, view/theme, and widget if you use the built-in repository management features. I prefer to do these manually and keep write access restricted to the store folder.
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Yeah, usually you want the webserver (www-data) to have read permission to everything.

In the case of WordPress, for auto-updates to work, write permission as well.

For Hubzilla the webserver needs write permissions at least to the /store folder if I recall correctly. The rest can remain read-only.

I personally prefer to keep the files owned by root (or my user), with full access, then have www-data as the group for all files, and give group read/write permissions as needed.
someone can't post into a forum

@Hubzilla Support Forum+
I've just setted up a forum for the german speaking new commers under @neu hier (*Willkommen*)

I've now seen a new person that posted into the forum, but their post isn't visable in the forum.
This person is connected to the "channel". And in the settings the channel is choosen to be "forum - mostly public"
I have also tested it by myself, and it worked.
Here's the last post of them:
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

my usual disaster. I played with branches in my hub and now I have broken the toy.

Situation: hub on dreamhost cloned via git from my github for of hubzilla.
What I did: git checkout dev; git pull; {{some stuff I cant remember}}; git chekout master
Result:  git checkout master
CHANGELOG: needs merge
Zotlabs/Lib/Enotify.php: needs merge
Zotlabs/Module/Owa.php: needs merge
Zotlabs/Module/Ping.php: needs merge
Zotlabs/Module/Wfinger.php: needs merge
Zotlabs/Storage/File.php: needs merge
boot.php: needs merge
include/contact_widgets.php: needs merge
include/photos.php: needs merge
util/hmessages.po: needs merge
vendor/composer/autoload_classmap.php: needs merge
vendor/composer/autoload_static.php: needs merge
view/css/bootstrap-red.css: needs merge
view/de: needs merge
view/es-es/hmessages.po: needs merge
view/es-es/hstrings.php: needs merge
view/js/main.js: needs merge
view/theme/redbasic/css/style.css: needs merge
view/theme/redbasic/js/redbasic.js: needs merge
view/theme/redbasic/schema/dark.css: needs merge
view/tpl/notifications_widget.tpl: needs merge

I'm stuck. Luckily I have this clone :)
Any help appreciated. Or is it the time to start it all again?
At this point I suppose you don't jump between branches, unless you are a monkey ;)
Mario Vavti
At the moment there is no big (breaking) difference between master and dev branch. It can be though...
So what I did it's all based on my superpowers. Good to know.
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

When I visiti /chess/new I get this error:

Warning: strlen() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/hubjive/ on line 2918

Warning: strlen() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/hubjive/ on line 2918

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/hubjive/ in /home/hubjive/ on line 2271

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/hubjive/ in /home/hubjive/ on line 2276

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/hubjive/ in /home/hubjive/ on line 2279

My hub runs on dreamhost with php7

Any idea?
Thank you
Mario Vavti
should be #fixed in dev
feature idea: ability to mark unsolved questions as unsolved

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@Hubzilla Support Forum+
From time to time I scroll through the support channel to see  if there are some questions I would be able to answer

Most of the time I scroll through I only see already answerd once.
And so I came to the idea that following feature could be great for forums in general:

The ability to mark posts as a question and to also mark them 'solved' as soon they are.

This could help to let one only view 'unsolved' or 'unanswerd' to not miss to give them support.
Also one wouldn't need to read through the answers to see if a question got solved or not.
thought 'community tagging' would be something great to start with.
It's also feature that is there, but being used rarly. So time to explore it's usability for sorting content together.

we'd just need to shure to use the same keywords.

>And I would probably recommend using  the word 'resolved' once resolved. Keep it dead simple.

sounds good to me.
>And I would probably recommend using  the word 'resolved' once resolved. Keep it dead simple.

sounds good to me.

...wait, not shure if that would work. I can only view a specific hashtag, but to make it work I would also need to view all post that exclude the hastag 'resolved'
(so I can view all the not solved questions)

At least via mobile I don't see such an option.
links to external pages get zotified

@Hubzilla Support Forum+
I've got an issue/ or a feature, that others seem to not be able to reproduce.

Nearly every link that apears in my streamline while being loged in as paulfree14 in creates a 'zot link'.
The problem I have with is that every external page that I view from clicking on a link via hubzilla would be able to track me way to easy.

I have tried that via another account on the same hub, there it doesn't 'zotify' the links to external pages.

So that might mean there's a bug, or I've enabled by myself something in settings that I actually don't want xD.

see also:

Mike Macgirvin
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Since this is a really weird bug with bizarre behaviour that should never happen, and since we do have a plugin which can potentially cause this behaviour; I would suggest a sanity check.

Paul only. Everybody else ignore these instructions. Please visit and see if you can see the word 'sendzid' anywhere on the page.

You are now in the land of sleeping code dragons and you can completely destroy your channel if you do something wrong and wake one of them up.

If you don't see the word 'sendzid' anywhere, great. Close that page from your browser and forget you ever saw it.

*** Do not proceed to the next step if you do not see the word 'sendzid' in any of the entries on that page. ***

If you **do** see the word 'sendzid on the above page, please visit

If the value shown in the textbox is anything but  the number 0, set the value to the number 0 and submit. Even if it is blank, change it to the number 0, just in case the shown value is actually an invisible space character.  After doing this, wait for the page to refresh and verify that the entry was changed to the number 0. Then close the page from your browser and forget you ever saw it. Let the dragons go back to sleep.
>Let the dragons go back to sleep.


Indeed there was sendzid and it was at 1.
I changed it to 0.

I've checked some links. None has those zot links anymore. :)
So that problem seem to be solved.
Just strange that this feature was there in the first place.
Mike Macgirvin
I'm guessing that this was turned on originally in a clone which had that plugin enabled. I'll put on my to-do list that it shouldn't do anything on sites which don't have the plugin installed, regardless of the setting.
Private forum

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@Hubzilla Support Forum+

I created a private forum but I have something strange.
I logued as forum and add some contact for invitation. But with my contact I have the message
Channel was deleted and no longer exists.
I connot add my other channel.

If I go to my channel.  I can add the forum

But on the forum side I don't receive any notification and I still don't see that contact.

I forget to say that the version is 3.01 that means I updated yesterday
Channel deleted is 0001-01-01 00:00:00 that is ok
channel_moved is nothng (empty)
channel_removed 0
Mike Macgirvin
Have just examined, and the deleted indication is coming from the xchan table [xchan_deleted], indicating the channel was deleted elsewhere on the network.
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I search with xchan_addr and yes I have xchan_deleted = 1
I put it to 0 and yes now it works. Thank you Mike


I don't remember the exact history.
I had a channel on hub A
I clone it to hub B
Then I don't remember if I I delete from /locs  or not
then I delete the channel on the hub A
and I continue using it from the hubB
Adam Robertson
 Copperopolis, California last edited: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 10:43:19 +0100  
@Hubzilla Support Forum+

Is it possible to set Hubzilla to use SMTP to send its mail rather than phpmail?
Camron Bickford
Poor mike ;) He gives awesome support though.
paulfree14 tagged Adam Robertson's post with ⋕mail
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Do you take all your channels with you when you 'go nomad' across servers, or is it just a single channel?
more seriously, maybe because the source HUB knows what are your channels and (I guess) HUB-B doesn't.
Mike Macgirvin
Unless there's an API call on HUB-A that lists and/or exports all your channels.
Ok. :)
Noob questions

Camron Bickford
Hubzilla seems great. I love the nomadic identities and cross platform communications.
I have some basic questions as a noob. Please humor me :)

1: Posts and comments
Does a hub periodically fetch posts&comments from the channels it follows or are new posts&comments periodically sent from every hub to it's followers?
In other words: does following work more like RSS or like a mailing list?

2: Speaking of RSS,
I can't find how to follow a user via RSS instead of using Hubzilla. Is it possible to get RSS feeds from Hubzilla?

3: Tor Usage.
I imagine setting up a hubzilla network that federates only on Tor wouldn't be too hard. I'm thinking a sort of hybrid node that can communicate with hubz on Tor and the regular internet can be done with some tweeks. Is there any existing documentation on this other than the mention in the roadmap?

4: Distribution - censorship resistance: Example scenario:
User A and B both follow user C and user A and B are connected
-> User A's hub goes offline for some days or weeks.
-> During this time User C's hub goes permanently offline (he died, lost his keys, was censored etc.)
-> User A's hub comes back online after some technical difficulties.
Would user A be able to get the posts from user C that user B still has on his hub?
regarding point 3. Tor usage/connectivity:
I tested a bit with the general proxy settings.
All we need for a first step is something I would call it "a low level router" that routes only .onion addresses to a special proxy.
There's no need for a multihomed server.

When I send all traffic with the general proxy settings to polipo some RSS feeds won't work anymore, cause they don't like tor exit routers. They're protected by some CDNs.

Camron Bickford
@Mike Thanks. That does seem to make sense since privacy settings are a main part of Hubzilla. I generally like the idea of having a backup servable by my peers incase my server goes down. IPFS is a nice tool for this. I guess one can always make an IPFS clone of one's latest posts just incase.

@cb7f604332cf39 Very cool. Looks much easier than I thought. with your approach we can have hybrids that communicate with both onion and regular net. I'm thinking communication between onion-only and regular-net channels could even happen in forums that are hosted on hybrid hubz.
could you please tell me in more detail where to find the Hubzilla proxy settings and what your settings were exactly. Were there any special requirements while setting up the hidden hub?
To setup a Hubzilla server as a hidden service is a different story. You have for example to disable sending out email (or you have to ensure that your mail server acts also as a hidden service using the socks interface). There are some hidden and not documented switches inside. Actually I don't know if they're still working, cause they're not in focus of the development.

Right now there's no "low level router". That need a few lines of code. You can forward all traffic to one general proxy.
You may find the general proxy settings >> Admin >> Site >> at the end of the page.
Trying to comment on Gravizot posts

Camron Bickford
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Hi. Thanks to the Hubzilla 3.0.1 Bugfix Release I am able to authenticate on the site again with my hub. However I'm still not able to post from the Gravizot site or comment on other posts there. My hub shows that we are connected, but I'm guessing there might still be some mix ups with since I've had a few test accounts and tried to reconnect multiple times in the last week.

Any recommendations on what I should do?

I have corrected your permissions on
Please test again.
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
It might be that you just don't have permission. Did you check your permissions in the connection edit page, under "Individual permissions"?
Camron Bickford
Yes. I can post and comment now. Only issue left is that my hub isn't showing any post from Gravizot at the forum link ( but maybe it just needs to catch up now.
Hubzilla 3.0.1 Bugfix Release

Mario Vavti
  • fix remote authentication for reinstalled sites - github issue #953

This is an urgent fix. Please update your site ASAP.

@Hubzilla Announcements+ @Hubzilla Support Forum+
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Updated! =)
Camron Bickford
Awesome!. Glad the fix came out so quick.
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@Hubzilla Support Forum+

What is the purpose of this forum. Sometimes I am doing remarks in relation with my use. But behind is sometimes bugs sometimes suggestions for improvement sometimes I don't know how to parameter. And I am not sure to be in the right place.

In the same time it is kind of general forum for - discoverers - members - Community  managers  and Hub Admins

I just realised recently how different could be users
- Discoverer is someone who just subscribe and need really basic help. Is New here forum good for that ? Calling noob or newbye is not too positive I prefer to call new people discoverer it is more valueable.
- Member is a user who belong to a community and use hubzilla for a while and know how to use it basicaly.
- Community manager. We misst that role untill now but I hope in the future we can think of that.  In his hub he tryes to make all things well for his community. He not necessary have hight technical skill but he should at least know how to configure a hub. This role is very important to make a community alive and attractive.
- Hub admin knows technicaly how install and maintain his hub. If the hub is slow he is the one for that.  I think you have no problem to understand what is a Hub Admin.

Is this forum good for all this 4 roles ?  I think it is good to have the @New Here+ forum
Andrew Manning
By my definition, you are a developer because the project development is more than the code. It includes generating and discussing ideas that improve the project as a whole, which is exactly what you are doing in this post.
giac hellvecio
the best place for a newhere is-are @New Here  and  @Zot universe NEWS  , the place where you also know better more hubzilla people.
questions as how it  works and all the etc.questions.. is more @Hubzilla Support Forum
In his hub he tryes to make all things well for his community. He not necessary

That's not directly related to your question but I'd like to say that generalized (not the exact word I'm looking for, but forgot the correct name...) masculinity comes from and is reproducing a sexist culture.
As a neutral pronoun most english speaker use they/them.
That's not ment to be offensive just an information.
Camron Bickford
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ trying to post to the gravizot support forum since I am having remote authentication problems.

my original issue is here:

Is anyone seeing my post?
You are registered at support 3 times with and 1 times with
I have removed three first connections. Re-connect, please.
support = gravizot support forum = Hubzilla Support Forum
Camron Bickford
Thank @Alex   you for removing the older connections. I didn't know how to do that